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trust your instincts

skydancing in desaiuniversity

Who: Penelo and Matsumoto
What: Escaping subway scum
When: This is really backdated, to a few weeks after Penelo's arrival
Where: The Desai Subway system
Warnings: I don't think there're any!

It felt good to have her hair down from the pony tail she had to keep it in all day. Her hair was just too long, and Matsumoto Rangiku was very keen on just leaving it down anyway, to let it move about as it pleased. Of course, having it down tended to attract attention moreso than up, on top of her... assets. Oh, Rangiku recognized she was a bit top heavy, as though her over-zealous shrieks about deformity fears on the network weren't enough to tell. But hey! Even for work, she did her damndest to find clothes that would cover those well. Tried. Yeah, she had to wear a lot of over-sized button-ups for that, but once she was done, those went off, anyway.

It wasn't as though she was too worried about being kidnapped and raped, after all.

Onto the subway, from the busy subway tunnels, she was fortunate that the trains headed to Mayra were among the newest, and often the least crowded, even if they did sport their own assortment of creeps. How relieved she was, to find a rather bare area of seats, with just a couple of people here and there, to sit down. They all looked very decent, and she didn't feel up to dealing with perverts that day.

Her luck ran dry though, when a rather skeevy, used-car salesman sort waddled his way over to her, and plopped down beside her, with a pudgy cheeked smile and eyes that didn't quite go to her face. Matsumoto closed her eyes to hide the roll, and tried to be polite as she scooched to the side.

He smelt awful. Awful! And his eyes kept bouncing between her and other women on the subway. How many more females had he violated with his atrocious smell? the shinigami Vice-Captain wondered, as she pretended to wipe her nose with a finger, in reality trying to block her nasal passages.

And then he started to speak, and his breath was musty and smelled like mold. Gross!

Penelo was on the opposite side of the man, eyes wide with a combination of wonderment and disgust. She had been around children for the past several years, and most of them had the tendancy to really smell. They didn't bathe regularly, and played down in the sewers of Lowtown. She was used to having to clean off the stench, and was honestly terrified at the idea of riding for very much longer right next to someone who smelled so horrible. She couldn't do anything about the smell in this situation, and she slowly began to scoot over toward the far edge of her seat. Her shifting caused the man to look down at her and smile mid sentance, and Penelo took in a deep breath in order to avoid breathing for the next ten to twenty seconds. She didn't want any of that breath coming up her nostrils!

Nodding her head as if she were actually listening, she leaned over to attempt to look past the man and over at the woman she knew was sitting on the other side of him. She was very, very thankful that woman had much more to look at than she herself did. It meant the man's eyes quickly left her, and went back to visually undress the poor other woman. Frowning at that, Penelo let out the breath of air she had been holding, which once again earned her the man's attention.

"Something in here smell or something?"

Taken off guard by the question, Penelo blinked several times before nodding her head slowly. She wasn't going to say what was causing the smell, but she didn't think anyone could deny the fact that the man stunk!

Matsumoto leant forward a bit, to see who the large (and not in a good way, like her Dante was) man was looking at, to see a girl about her physical age. Poor thing. She didn't feel like she had any exceptional spiritual power, and while many people were special in Desai, Rangiku didn't want to risk it.

She bit her lip, trying to get the girl to focus her eyes on Matsumoto's, before getting a clumsy, damp (ew, sweat!) elbow to her shoulder. On accident as it may have been, it made her jump.

A hand rubbed at that arm, as her mind wondered at sweaty elbows, before blurting, "Maybe someone left a dead animal under the seats? That happened a week ago." Her eyes bounced between the man and the girl, anxiously.

She had half the mind to dive on the girl and glomp her like a long lost best friend. Especially because that sweaty elbow was so violating, yuck!

Holding back a laugh, Penelo bit down on her lower lip, and nodded in agreement. "I heard about that." She fibbed, as if she had been in town for a long while. "Maybe someone should go tell someone?" She leapt up to her feet, and folded up her arms over her chest, just in case the man's wandering eyes should happen to look over her way. There wasn't anything she could do about her legs, unfotunately. In the jumpsuit she was wearing, Penelo couldn't hide them. It was best just to move fast, and not look back. Reluctantly and slowly, she pried an arm away from her chest and across the man, over toward the other woman. "I need someone to help me, though."

As expected, the man opened his mouth to volunteer himself to answer. "I'll be glad to-"

As he raised his arm above his head in time with his words, Penelo saw things in slow motion. She could only imagine the smell that was going to come out of his armpit, and her eyes grew painfully wide as she gasped in fear of the smell that was to come. Not giving the man time to finish that thought, Penelo ripped her mind out of slow motion and put things into fast foward. Her hand darted over and came in contact with the woman's, along with an urgent but light tug.

And oh, did Matsumoto take it, with a happy laugh and a wave to the man with her free hand as she leapt to her feet. It then clapped to the girl's shoulder, and she quickly started to plod, not even waiting for the other to take a lead in matters. Oh no, she wanted out of there, right then. It was too sickening to just linger at wait.

Feet plodding, she gagged quietly and leaned into the girl (anyone who knew Matsumoto knew how much she lacked a respect for personal space at times), and whined, "Oh my God, he touched me!" A few words in her native tongue were blurted under her breath, in total disgust. At an aside, as after that pause, she quietly said, "Thank you! And here, I thought it'd be a safe ride home for the perverts."

"I don't think anyone can ever be safe from the perverts. I've met too many of them, since I've been here. Hopefully that one isn't following us." She laughed, glancing over her shoulder at the woman with a grin. Freeing up her hands, she gave a slight wave. "I'm Penelo, by the way. I'm so sorry that he touched you. He just violated my senses." She wrinkled up her poor abused nose, bringing her free hand up to rub at it. "I think I'll start walking home from work from now on!"

"All the way to Mayra?" It was obvious that's where she lived; it was just too late in the day to be visiting there, and all the major businesses weren't there. Besides, 'from work' helped with that! "Too dangerous!" Hey, even Rangiku could admit that.

She offered a small bow of the head. "Nice to meet you, Penelo! I'm Rangiku." So awkward, introducing by given name, but Matsumoto was adjusting to it. She squinted her eyes as she grinned a bit mischeviously. "It's just too bad he smelled bad, or else we could of really messed with him."

Raising an eyebrow, Penelo laughed and tipped her head off to the side. "If he had done more than just smelled bad..." She didn't even want to think about what would have happened then. It would've been just too terrible. "Glad that you were here, Rangiku." She offered the woman another smile, and looked around the car they had rushed into for vacant seats. Finding two that were empty, she pointed over to them and hurried over to plop down in one.

"I know it's too dangerous to walk all that way, but it's dangerous to ride the subway too! Maybe I'll start taking the bus, or a cab. I don't think I earn enough gil - I mean money - for that, though. "They should give discounts to University students, I think."

With a skip in her step, Matsumoto gladly followed Penelo over, and plopped down next to her. What a lovely person to spend the ride home with! It did get awfully lonely, especially for someone like, Rangiku, who loved talking.

She was about to open her mouth about the buses in Desai, when that last sentence caught her, and her eyes lit up as she turned herself in her place to face Penelo moreso. "You're a student at the university? So am I!"

"Really? I'm new here, but I'm studying dance." Laughing in amusement at having found someone who attended the University, she clasped her hands together before placing them atop her lap. "I haven't been brave enough to meet more people from school. Most of the people who talk over their journals are very..." She trailed off, trying to find a polite word. "Interesting. I'm not used to being around so many different types of people. Where I come from, everyone is more subdued, I guess. Its a big change."

"Oh, pfft. Where I come from, they'd fit right in!" Soul Society was a mass of dysfunction, Rangiku was learning. "You don't have to worry so much. Most of them just talk a lot."

She straightened her back, one hand combing through her hair. "This is very convenient, I think!" Rangiku slumped again into a very bad, lazy posture, and grinned. "Do you work Monday through Friday? Or what's your schedule?"

"I do! Well, I work Monday through Thursday, from two o'clock until six. It's not a very long shift, but...like you said, convenient!" She was grinning over at Rangiku, glad to have found someone she could possibly travel to and from work with. It would always be nice to have a friend who lived on campus, as well. "I think I just have to adjust to the differences in between this place and my old home. Once I do, it shouldn't be hard to fit in and be brave enough to talk to people on their journals."

Unlike Rangiku, she was sitting perfectly upright, used to being forced into having perfect posture. Legs crossed at the ankles, she had her hands clasped together and placed in her lap. She was still too afraid of the stinky man hunting them down to relax. "A lot of people seem to talk a lot, you're right. But some of them seem so angry at everyone!" She wasn't sure if she should still be talking about the people at school, but she figured it was just as good of a subject as any.

Matsumoto's hours varied, a little, though she left the same time every day, Monday through Friday. Long enough to run to the bank and make sure Hitsugaya Toushirou's and her bank account was in good form, and then to grab a little something to eat. Her start time varied every day, mostly based on urgency. "We'll have to ride home together on those days, then." It was a statement, said as Rangiku gazed off around the car they were in presently, also looking for the stinky guy, as well as any other lurkers, both human and not. A couple of spirits, but they were pluses. Docile.

She craned her head back to Penelo, and chuckled. "Yeah. Some of them are. Some of them are just having fun. But you should talk to some of them! They're nice, if they get to know you." So long as you don't act bitchy. That was what Matsumoto almost added, but that wasn't fair. Penelo seemed very nice, compared to many others upon first meeting.

Penelo nodded in understanding, but bit down on her lower lip. "I'll give that a try, when I get into my room tonight. I still have to figure out how to work my laptop. Technology in Desai is so different from how it is in Rabanastre, or anywhere else in Dalmasca. We don't have computers, or a subway system. But we have airships, so I guess that counts for something." She laughed, and allowed her posture to relax just slightly.

"What suite are you living in?" Hoping that didn't come off as sounding like she was a stalker of some kind, she felt her cheeks tinting red, and she bowed her head. "If you don't mind saying, that is."