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thesimulacrum in desaiuniversity

Who: Axel and Roxas
What: Axel somehow gets Roxas to go drinking with him, and "weirdness" ensues.
When: Backdated to around... the seventeenth of February?
Where: Some bar; Roxas' suite, later on.
Warnings: Blatant sexual innuendo, language, brain-breaking drunken jokes and JUST MAYBE a kinda-sorta make-out session... only not.

Axel's grin couldn't get any smaller, and probably wouldn't for the rest of the night. For once he actually felt the slightest tinge of excitement that usually failed to accompany him when getting ready to go have a night on the town. With a cheerful hum and little bounce in his walk, he headed for his favorite bar with the aire of one who planned to have lots of fun. There was only one reason for this, too; that reason was walking right next to him.

After much prompting and begging - Axel admitted he'd been a little unfair in threatening to follow Roxas around, screaming 'Honey-Poo' so people would get the wrong idea - Roxas had finally relented and conceded to join Axel in a drink or two. No more, no less. Of course, Axel realized Roxas never had a drink in his life, so a 'drink or two' would no doubtedly grow into a formidable number by the time they were through.

Not that Roxas needed to worry; Axel planned to keep a very close eye on his soon-to-be intoxicated friend.

"Beer isn't so bad once you get used to it," Axel prattled on, "But I personally like wine or something a bit more... tasteful." He tossed a glance and a grin at his friend. "Oh, and you're trying a Long Island Iced Tea. Just a sip. It's pretty damn good if you don't faint first."

Roxas would never tell this to his friend, but he'd actually been looking forward to trying his very first booze. He didn't trust the rumors of how it made you act, true, or how sick it could cause you to be-- yet he was still eager enough to give in after several days of pleading from the redhead - especially when he'd started using threats - and a faint smile had curved his lips as he listened to him chattering away about the different types of alcohol he should damn well be trying once they arrived at the bar.

He'd been fretting over a lot of things lately, even if his little talk (and cuddle) with Axel had managed to cool it down to an extent. Getting fresh air and doing some partying seemed like the right thing to do in order to ease some of Roxas' worries. Well... except perhaps the ones he'd been feeling for a certain someone... but they couldn't be helped, really, even if he tried as much as he could to repress them.

"You sound like a regular alcoholic," he grinned as they approached what looked like the correct bar. "I just hope you can hold your liquor; I will seriously keyblade you into the ground if you start calling me... that."

Axel only smiled innocently, like a child who was about to do something very naughty. "Don't call you what?" he asked slyly and the smile transformed into an almost disturbing smirk. "And I'm not that bad. Just a drink or two here and there." Which was only a half-truth. While Axel couldn't be called a heavy drinker, he did manage to down ten to twelve glasses on the nights he did go out. Good thing he didn't need to be concerned over the amount of liquor he could hold; having the ability to burn alcohol in his system provided him with that luxury. The worst that would happen to the man was the need to go to the bathroom plenty of times, and Axel didn't consider that a handicap. Really, Roxas picked the best person to go drinking with.

They indeed were fast approaching the right building, and Axel stepped up to the door first, opening it smoothly and moving to let Roxas pass with a little bow. "After you, Honey-Poo," he said sweetly, ready to dodge any blows if his friend made good on his previous threat.

He really didn't like the look of Axel's leering smile as he went through the front doors of the bar. What Roxas disliked even more was his sudden use of that nickname, and he spun around to glower at the redhead with what was almost a childish pout, which quickly melted away into a laughing mien that he hadn't intended to give him. "I wasn't lying, pyro-bastard. I will hurt you." He faced his back to him, hiding his humor. He entered this new place with a nearly awed expression, reaching out all five senses to properly take in all the surroundings.

"Where do we buy drinks?" Roxas promptly spotted a place that looked like where they were sold. He'd just begun to make his way over to it when a muscle-bound man grabbed him by the shoulder asking for an I.D., looking reasonably mistrustful of the blond in all his vertically-challenged glory while said blond took the arm-grabbing as a hostile act. He jerked away, frowning up at the man before actually taking in what he'd said. "Oh... it's right here." He quickly pulled it out of his pocket, flushing a little when he handed it to him.

"It's fine, he's with me." Axel already had his I.D. out, waiting patiently for the bouncer to stop glaring down his nose at Roxas. The man took only a quick glance at Axel and his proof of age before going back to scrutinizing Roxas', still expecting to find some tell-tale detail that the blond was hiding something. After a few minutes of trying and failing miserably, the muscled man gave in and returned Roxas' card to him grudgingly and left to find new prey. Axel snickered loudly and grabbed Roxas gently by the arm, guiding him to a table. "I forgot about that," he said, almost managing to sound apologetic if not for the humorous note in his voice. "Guess you don't quite look your age."

They found an empty table relatively close to the bar, and Axel dropped into his seat comfortably. "So, Rox, what drink shall be your first?" he asked with a raised eyebrow. "Better pick before the waiter gets here." He was curious as to what Roxas would end up trying first, though Axel had a whole list of things his friend would have to take a sip of. "Make sure it's something that won't kill you yet," he advised. "You won't be much fun slumped over in a daze."

"He can go to hell for that," he muttered rather jokingly to hide his embarrassment as he was dragged away. "At least I don't look like a troll."

Roxas plopped down in a seat across from Axel, shrugging and still half-glaring at the bouncer from across the room for daring to question his age. "I dunno." He turned his gaze back to his friend, scratching a spot on the back of his head. "What do you suggest, that doesn't taste half-bad?" He paused a moment. "And something that won't kill me right away." He stared at Axel, wondering just how often he came here. What would be the consequences of drinking with this guy?

"Oh, you're asking me?" Axel looked flattered and devious at the same time. "Well now, let's think here..." Placing a hand to his chin and rubbing it, Axel turned his gaze to a spot on the ceiling while humming in thought. "No... nah, that's too strong..." His eyes suddenly gleamed as an idea came to him. "Hmmm, that might work." If the redhead had looked mischievous before, he probably resembled a red-haired devil now.

At this time a waitress finally decided to grace them with her presence, smiling thinly and asking them what they'd like. "I'll have a Lazy Afternoon and he'll," Axel pointed a finger at Roxas, "he'll be having an Absolute Sex."

Roxas quickly altered his splutter of surprise into a fake coughing fit, face tinted with red. What did he just say? What the hell kind of name was ‘Absolute Sex’? His eyes shifted to the waitress to see how she'd reacted to this, but she simply noted their orders, smiled, and skittered off to the bar to fetch their drinks. He immediately swiveled in his chair with a renewed scowl at Axel once she'd gone, quite clueless about how bars worked, and, apparently, the names of the drinks they served at such places.

"W-what's that supposed to be?" He asked, being wonderfully naive about the whole situation.

If Axel didn't think it'd be hazardous to his health, he'd be rolling on the floor in fits of laughter by now. The expression on Roxas' face would forever live on in his memory banks. "It's actually what I said," he explained off-handedly. "Your first drink of the evening will be Absolute Sex." He smiled at Roxas, tilting his head and his eyes slitted in humor. "Of course, knowing that you're a virgin, you won't understand where the name comes from but I'm sure you'll learn to enjoy it all the same." Oh, he was being cruel and loving it so much. The drink would be a bit on the strong side, but Axel hoped Roxas could handle the alcohol.

"Bitch," Roxas growled under his breath, just loud enough for his friend to hear. "You'll pay if I... if... I..." He trailed off, knowledge of what alcoholic beverages could do to him still very limited at such an early time of the night. The blush remained firmly on his cheeks - though it was more his own bristling emotions that was causing it to be present now. "Oh, and I suppose this means you're not a virgin, then?" He somewhat scathingly rearranged one of his white finger bands as he asked this question, unaware of the reason why he had to be scornful towards Axel in the first place.

The waitress came back with their drinks the moment he'd asked this, putting them both down on their table with another smile before she flitted off to serve another table.

"If you what?" Axel asked tauntingly. "If you pass out on the floor and get raped?" He rolled his eyes, half-annoyed with Roxas' sudden venom. Didn't the other trust him? He had nothing to worry about with Axel there. "I wouldn't let you drink anything too strong for your first one. And just so you know, an Absolute Sex is made with cranberry juice, 7-Up, Midori, and some vodka." He shrugged. "And as for being a virgin, why should I tell you?" The redhead leaned back in his seat, lanky body stretched lazily. "I'm sure it's nothing you'd like to hear, obviously."

When the waitress returned with their drinks, Axel nodded charmingly at her and picked up his glass, taking a sophisticated sip and humming in approval. Lazy Afternoon was usually his first drink of choice when he came to this bar. "Go on, try yours," he urged at Roxas, watching the keyblade wielder with a hawk's eye.

His initial grouchiness at the name of the beverage abating by now, Roxas stared mistrustfully at the glass several long moments before he took it up in his hands and gave it a sniff. He glanced at Axel once, then had his first small sip. The taste of the liquor made his face scrunch up for an instant, but it was otherwise quite good. He even had another two large mouthfuls, placing it down on the table again with a self-satisfied grin over at the redhead. "I was just curious... you never know, maybe I could learn something if you told me." He shrugged one shoulder, shaking his head with a laugh. "But no... I really don't want to hear."

Roxas granted himself another gulp of his drink, quite possibly for the mere sake of outwitting the other Nobody. "It's good, by the way."

"Learn something?" Axel's curiosity peaked. "And just what would you like to learn?" Sometimes Axel needed to remind himself that Roxas wasn't quite as innocent as he always thought, despite how strange the concept seemed.

"Yeah, I thought you'd like to try something familiar tasting first." The 7-UP and strong cranberry flavor usually omitted most of the unusual tastes, or at least made them easier to bear. "And you're certainly downing that fast," he said with a nod to Roxas' glass, reaching to take another healthy sip of his own drink. At this rate Roxas would be able to sample a few shots soon. The thought made Axel grin again before he tossed his head back and downed the rest of his glass, licking his lips in satisfaction. "I might need to try another one of these later," he told himself. With that, he lifted a hand, signaling for a waiter to come serve them. "What to make you try next..."

"Nothing, nothing." Roxas waved a dismissive hand at the redhead; he didn't want to get any warmer than the alcohol had already started to make him by conversing about such topics. Witnessing the speedy finish of Axel's drink, however, made Roxas' competitive streak decide to rear its ugly head. In two long swigs he had emptied his own glass - his head buzzed a bit for a split second - but he was still quite unaffected and beamed up at the waitress rather inanely when Axel had called her back.

At Axel's beckoning, the same waitress came back and gave Roxas' grin a rather amused glance before asking once again, what they'd have. "I'll have a Sex on the Beach," he told her, waiting until she finished writing his order on her pad. Then he tossed a look at Roxas, suppressing his smirk when he then announced, "He'll have a Fuck Me Sideways."

For a moment the waitress paused and bit her lip, as if to keep a series of giggles inside. When she settled down and wrote Roxas' order, she wasted no time in retreating to the bar to place their orders.

This time Roxas knocked his empty glass over with an elbow. "What?" He nearly yelled it - evidently the drink was affecting him after all - as he broke into a fit of laughter. This night would prove to be more entertaining than he thought, if so many beverages had names like this. It would be like a game to try out all the perverted liquids Axel kept suggesting that the blond try. "You're joking."

Upon receiving the next drink, Roxas began to scrutinize it as if to find some tell-tale sign that gave it its name.

"Unless you've been fucked sideways, I think the meaning of that name will escape you." Then again, the meaning would technically escape Axel too, but he said nothing about that. "Go on and try it, though I suggest you not take too many sips at once. That drink really might end up fucking you." Axel took his own uniquely named cocktail and let it slide down his throat, burning the slightest bit as the liquid hit his stomach. From the corner of his eyes he watched Roxas' progress, inwardly gauging how much his smaller friend could handle.

Roxas snickered and took a slightly less tentative sip of the next drink. This time he coughed a little at the burn, making a face. He then took another; to get himself used to the taste, finally slamming it down on the table with more force than he'd intended. Nope, he was still pretty level-headed. Mentally congratulating himself the blond said haughtily, "Mm, not before I fuck it first, dear Axel." He smirked. Though… yes, consuming it slower sounded like a good idea nonetheless.

Axel promptly choked a bit on his drink, just managing to swallow it quickly before he gagged on it. "Well, I see the alcohol is already working its magic." Much more quickly than Axel would've guessed. Bad sign in the redhead's book.

Then again, the night was young, and why not let Roxas go a bit crazy on his first night of drinking? "You're taking to this like a duck to water, Rox," he teased, and placed his glass down. "I'll let you pick the next drink you have." Quickly he went through his mental databank of drinks, trying to figure what sounded naughty but would still be relatively tame for the newbie drinker. "There's a Fruity Fuck, Fuck You Up The Ass With A Banana, Passionate Screw, Wet Pussy, and if you're feeling daring, a Blow Job #5." He grinned.

Trying VERY hard to contain a bout of uncontrollable laughter, Roxas picked a beverage at random. "Third one sounds good!" He swallowed a reasonable amount of Fuck Me Sideways, making his glass more than half-empty by this time. He licked his lips rather pointedly at Axel, suddenly feeling in the best of spirits-- and to be there with his best friend made it all the more delightful. He waved windmill-like at the waitress, giving her his most charming little-boy's smile as she approached.

"Passionate Screw, please." Roxas was biting his upper lip, struggling to contain the snickers that threatened. "And..." He glanced over at him. "A Blow Job #5 for my friend."

At hearing what Roxas ordered him, Axel threw back his head and let out a howl of laughter that was eaten by the noise of the bar. The waitress just continued to look very amused and smiled at them both suggestively, jotting down the orders and heading to the bar. Apparently she didn't mind serving these rather lively customers.

"I get a Blow Job? Rox, you shouldn't have." Axel raised his eyebrows, a chuckle or two still escaping. "Just think of the scandalous things people will say." He took his previous drink and downed the rest of the liquid quickly, now ready for the next round. The first warm tinges of the alcoholic effects were beginning to kick in, but Axel decided he'd rectify the situation later. For now, he just gave Roxas another sassy look as their drinks were placed in front of them again.

"Ah, who cares?" He waved a hand, nearly inhaling the rest of his last drink as the new ones were brought out. "No one's here to watch us, anyway." Roxas' voice was quiet as he said this, to the point of being sultry. He then proceeded to happily taste his Passionate Screw as though he hadn't said a thing. "I mean... it's not like they don't already say 'scandalous things' about us." There was bitterness in his tone as he rambled on, which he quickly tried to wash away with another swallow.

"But we have each other, right?" Roxas flushed from both the warmth of the booze and his own embarrassment, directing his eyes to the depths of his glass. He wished he could just shut up. Or stop doing stupid things, might he add, as he let his hand purposely brush across the back of Axel's.

Axel would've been lying if he said he wasn't the tiniest bit shocked by Roxas' boldness. Surprised? Very much. Disgusted? Not in the slightest. This just presented another competition, another game for him to play, and Axel loved to play if nothing else. "Of course we've got each other," he murmured sweetly, meaning every word but somehow coming off as flirtatious. His hand twisted to catch Roxas' fingers, and he entwines the smaller digits with his own.

"And don't worry what other people say; they wouldn't understand what we have anyway." His gaze penetrated Roxas' briefly and then he ended the moment, pulling his hand away and taking a sip of his Blow Job. "Hmmmm, nice," he hummed in approval. "How's yours?"

"It's... it's good," Roxas answered quietly, keeping his eyes on the redhead's a little longer with his lips slightly parted. Something clicked inside him upon the feeling of Axel's hand around his own; something that sent electric impulses through his body and made him blush further when certain thoughts entered his mind without permission. Continuing to be lost in his own thoughts, and apparently his body, Roxas didn't elaborate on the topic of their relationship, suddenly too afraid of the idea that had only now come into his mind.

He tossed back his drink, a copious amount of liquid burning its way down to his stomach. It made Roxas feel a tiny bit better.

The blush and almost shy gaze didn't escape Axel's attention. His eyes narrowed in calculated thought, wondering how much of that expression was the liquor talking. So far Roxas had only three drinks total. True, a fair amount of alcohol resided in them, but at the same time...

Still, he had their little game to consider. Without a word Axel reached out and plucked the empty glass from Roxas' grasp and pouted at the hollow reflection he was presented. "Damn, now where am I gonna get a taste?" he whined softly before deciding to stick a finger inside, swipe a bit of moist wetness still clinging to the glass, and sucking it off. "... I think I might need to try me one of these," he explained, rolling the taste inside his mouth and returning the glass to Roxas. He signaled for the waitress again.

Returning to himself only then, Roxas lifted his head with a sudden devious smile at the Nobody opposite him. All awkwardness seemed to have vanished, curiosity taking its place. "Wait-- what're shooters?" He blinked across the table. "Can we try some of those, too?" Well… he certainly wasn't keeping to his 'no more than a few' rule any more. Not that he'd intended to keep it for long, anyway.

"... Shooters?" Axel couldn't help himself and returned that evil smile Roxas shone at him. "You're hellbent on getting smashed, aren't you?" This was turning into much more fun than he expected the night to be. Roxas willingly offering himself up to the slaughter; could this get any better? "But if you're dying to try some..."

The waitress, already having been beckoned over, waited for the two to place their orders. Axel looked up at her, smiling a rascal's smile, said, "We'll go for shooters now, Miss. Give us both a shot of Horny Monkeys."

"Nah, I just wanna try new things!" With a lazy smile he leant back in his chair, putting both legs up in Axel's lap. "Go ahead n' kill me for that, I don't care. So I'm being adventurous!" Roxas shrugged one shoulder, waving a hand at the waitress now as though she were an old friend. Man, he was feeling good. He'd had just enough liquor to feel 'happy', but not enough to make him nauseous or dizzy in the least. Yep, Roxas was happy all right.

He even giggled at the new drink suggestion, punching a fist in the air. "Yes! Some Horny Monkeys for the Horny Nobodies!"

Oh now that was just silly; in rebuttal Axel snaked a hand downward and grabbed one of Roxas' bold feet, pulling harshly and laughing when the boy yelped as he slipped down in his seat. "Roxas, you're a lively drunk, you know that?" he teased and winked, waving the waitress goodbye when she started to laugh at Roxas's antics. "Better stop it; I think your new friend kinda likes ya."

As for the horny comment... "Roxas, I don't even think you know what horny really means, let alone know how it feels." If he did, Axel would be demanding to know the whos, whats, and wheres. Before he could hope to tease Roxas more, the shots arrived, and Axel released the captive foot in favor of his glass. "How about we down it at the same time?"

"You aren't lively enough; I'm only making up for it... and hoping to change that, sooner or later," he pouted at Axel, kicking him lightly. At the next observation Roxas glanced at the waitress across the room out of the corner of his eye. "Eh..." He side-glanced at the redhead, shrugging and resisting the urge to say, 'Jealous?' because he knew he'd only get a laugh in reply. "She's okay." As if a woman would actually be interested him, anyway.

"I... sorta know how it feels," Roxas replied feebly. "Maybe, I dunno." He straightened in his seat, fingering one of the shot glasses and shrugging off the topic when he started to get uncomfortable. "Same time sounds good, though, Axelly-poo." He gave him a nice, rather mockingly adorable grin as he wrapped his fingers around the glass.

"Well I need to be the calm one, or we could accidentally set this place on fire." Not that the thought didn't amuse him; Axel just thought it'd be rude to burn down the establishment that currently added to their fun. He did like seeing Roxas enjoy himself so much. Hardly ever did the blond loosen up and just let himself go wild; the change almost concerned Axel, but he dismissed it... or maybe that was the alcohol thinking for him.

"And she's got a pretty decent rack," he commented to himself, only loud enough for Roxas' ears, but let the subject drop off. Now was the time for drinking, not chatting. "Whenever you're ready," he said smoothly, then tossed his head back and let the alcohol burn it's way down. A wonderful burn; Axel's insides felt as thought they'd been ignited, and the redhead groaned in relish.

Roxas tipped back his head, pouring the extensively stinging liquid past his throat. It burned all the way down, so much that it was in some twisted way borderline pleasurable to his senses. He managed to make a choked grunt instead of coughing it all up again, eyes shut tight to allow the dizzying prickle to subside. "S-so that’s a shooter," he said in a breathless voice, smacking his glass down on the table. He wiped the moisture from his lips with a finger and looked over to see how Axel had dealt with it.

... And he'd dealt with it fine, apparently, only making a noise that caused Roxas' alcohol-induced insides to clench oddly. Roxas had ignored the 'rack' comment, just a little too virginal to respond. That or because he was thinking of certain other things, like... why Axel suddenly looked so attractive to him right now. Without even realizing it, he was staring.

Axel mimicked his friend and slammed his glass down on the table, licking his lips with a deep, purring sort of contentment. The sting of the liquid had relented to a caressing tingle in his stomach, and Axel already found himself yearning for another one. Shooters would remain his favorite drink of choice for all eternity; he'd have to thank Roxas later for suggesting them so early in the drinking game.

And the redhead got ready to do just that... that is, until he took in the dazed expression on Roxas' face. The other looked as though he'd found something rather alluring in his line of sight. Axel turned around, expecting to see some goddess standing behind him but saw nothing except usual customers. It took a moment or two before it clicked, and when it did, Axel's eyes widened the slightest. And then he started to smirk. "See something you like, Roxas?" Axel purred at him. In his own defense, the amount of alcohol his body now contained exceeded the limits for proper thinking. In short, Axel wasn't far behind Roxas in the 'smashed' department.

"Huh?" Roxas blinked hard, twice, clearing his mind of all the images that had just flashed through it, making his already flushed face turn redder. "I... y-- no!" He shook his head vigorously, perhaps getting a taste of what this 'horny' feeling must be like, if he was right. He shifted awkwardly in his seat. "You... you wish." The words were muttered as he went back to inspecting his fingers.

"M-more drink... s?" He bravely allowed his blue eyes to fall on Axel's again.

Not ready to let it go, Axel leaned back in his seat and tossed a hand over the chair's back, his eyes half-hooded as they continued to stare Roxas down. He looked like sex on legs, and damn well knew it. "No?" he questioned, his face falling as Roxas shook a negative. "That's too bad then. I wish you were." He let it slide after that, and waved his hand for a waitress. Their female one came back as if she now only served them, grinning and asking them what shot they'd like to have next. "How about we both have a Wet Dream?" He looked to Roxas for the go ahead, even if he knew Roxas would never turn down any drink Axel picked.

And then came the blushing again, quite possibly harder than ever before. Roxas nodded vaguely at the suggestion; this time no laughter erupted from his mouth at the drink's name. His emotions had been sent reeling, and even as the waitress came back with their new share of beverages he continued to keep his eyes downcast out of fear of what he might do if he dared to look at Axel in that second. "...You do?" It was a quiet utterance, barely to be heard above the constant noise of the bar. Roxas dipped a finger in his shooter, to taste it. Finally, he allowed himself to look at him again, beaming as confidently as he could. "Then what would you say if I told you I was lying?"

Axel raised a brow, his shot glass tapping against his bottom lip. He remained silent at the daring confession, face blank while his eyes pierced through Roxas. It looked almost as if the man was gauging how much truth was in the simple statement, how much he could trust Roxas' word when obviously his friend still thought under the heavy influence of his previous drinks. Hell, Axel would be lying if he said alcohol wasn't clouding his judgment, so maybe... maybe they were both screwed by now.

He tipped the glass back and quickly swallowed his drink in one gulp, breathing a deep sigh while he calmly put the glass back on the table. His hand wormed its way into the pocket of his pants and grabbed his billfold. A decent amount of money, along with a healthy tip, slapped against the table and the redhead stood up then, a blatant 'come hither' expression plain on his face. "Well, if you're telling the truth, I suggest we take this somewhere... more private," he purred, and without another word, Axel shifted his way through the crowd in the direction of the bathroom and disappeared through the door.

Roxas finished his own shot with a cringe at the burn, never keeping his eyes off his companion. Yes, the alcohol was indeed affecting him... but that still didn't keep his own subconscious thoughts and feelings from slipping to the surface. It simply made him more... reckless in portraying them, he supposed.

His pulse began to race, further heating up his skin as he watched the redhead put some money on the table and get to his feet. Apprehension clenched Roxas' gut at the hint of privacy-- and he could barely bring himself to move. Nonetheless, he still succeeded in standing up and following Axel to the bathroom, stumbling a bit into some tables, chairs and people when strangely enthralling waves of dizziness washed over him from all the alcohol. Once the door had swung shut behind him, Roxas asked, keeping up his impassive facade, "And what exactly are you planning we do in here?" He had an idea, but he sort of hoped he was wrong. Sort of. ...Maybe.

By some stroke of inhuman luck, the bathroom was deserted; Axel smiled at this and threw open the nearest stall, his hand reaching backwards to draw Roxas in by the cuff of his shirt. "Take a guess," was the only hint he felt willing to part with, and the stall door closed behind them with a affirmative click. The hand, never leaving the confines of Roxas' shirt, pulled the other in further until he was the one closest to the toilet, and then Axel began to push the blond suggestively backwards until his knees hit up against the cold plastic of the toilet seat.

"What do you think we'll be doing in here, huh Rox?" he asked, and his body bent over his friend, the grin never leaving his face. "Well?" he asked again, and his lips brushed up against Roxas' ear. "Well?"

That was when Roxas began to panic. Not noticeably, or in a way that showed disapproval towards any of this, but enough to make his breath come out in short gasps and his face renew its pink flush. He'd known what Axel's answer would be well before that question had passed his lips. He just replied with a small inaudible grunt, digging his fingers into the taller man's hips to keep himself from falling backwards.

"I... I don't know," he gasped, lying of course, while his nerves went wild at the sensation of his hot breath on his ear.

And then Roxas did fall back, because a black portal had opened up behind him by Axel's will. Suddenly he'd flopped onto a couch in his suite, still clutching onto the Nobody as though his life depended on it.

By now, Axel's shoulders shook from the laughs that escaped his body; Roxas' reactions were more than he could have hoped for. The boy surely didn't disappoint. "Jeez, Rox," he wheezed out as he attempted to calm his humor and failing miserably. "I've got more tack than that, bud." The laughter started to subside, and Axel just grinned down, a devil's smile playing on his lips. "But... from the way you reacted, I have a feeling you wouldn't mind fooling around, huh?"

Instead of waiting for Roxas to answer - chances are Axel would disregard whatever he said anyway - the redhead rolled off his friend, having to wiggle out of the other's vice-like grip to his hips. He hoped that clinginess wasn't from fright; the last thing Axel needed was a nervous Roxas around him. "How about we continue our little game?" he asked sweetly. For a moment he disappeared into the bedroom area, only to be back with two bottles of liquor, one for each of them. "I admit I'd been planning on saving these, but what the hell, right?" With a grin he made his way back over to the couch. "Shall we?"

Roxas shot him a peeved look at all the laughter, hating the things this man could make him feel, or, apparently, do. "How 'm I 'sposed to know what you're gonna do in that type of situation?" he squeaked angrily, outwardly bristling much like an irritated cat. "God, you can be such a bastard sometimes..." He ruffled the back of his own blond hair, heaving out a breath of air he hadn't realized he'd been holding in. Damn Axel and damn his pretty eyes and damn his... nice ass.

Okay, yeah. He really needed to stop thinking about these things or he'd have to hurt somebody.

Roxas got into a comfortable sitting position on the couch once the redhead was no longer on top of him, features and mood brightening when Axel returned to the room with more alcohol. He grinned adorably at him. "...Or not. Trust you to pack booze when moving out of a holey dorm." He stretched out his arms with little grabby hands. "Gimme, gimme!"

Snorting at keyblader's childish antics, Axel clunked one of the bottles good-naturedly against the side of the blond's head before politely handing the alcohol to him. "Of course; other than this and a few clothes, I have nothing worse keeping." He expertly twisted the cap and it popped off with a hiss. "Now, this is technically wine, kid," he lectured, "and it's got a hell of a lot more potency than any beer you'll find." His placed his lips at the tip and tilted his head back, letting the drink slide down his throat. Unlike the shooters, this stuff didn't burn on the way down, but that didn't make it any less enjoyable in Axel's mind.

A content sigh left his lips, and Axel slumped down on the couch next to Roxas. Any other day, the proximity of their closeness might have bothered the redhead; as of now, Axel found himself scooting closer to test the bounded limits their friendship provided. The side of his body pushed up against the smaller's frame, maybe platonic, maybe not. "How is it?" he asked quietly. His eyes never left Roxas' face, searching around for something he didn't realize he looked for.

Roxas snatched the bottle away from him with a mockingly miffed grunt, opening it with a hiss similar to Axel's. He wasn't really paying much attention to his lecture as he took his first sip of the wine. He was busying himself with rolling the liquid around on his tongue and then swallowing it, the taste new to him compared to the burn of the shooters. But he liked it nonetheless, and let himself take another larger gulp of it.

He leant up against the redhead's body and closed his eyes with a strange deep-throated groan of satisfaction, delighting in being so close. When Roxas felt that he was being watched, he opened one of his eyes to find the redhead staring at him. Quite intensely, in fact. His stomach lurched out of nervousness and perhaps from some other emotions as well. "Uh... what?" He smirked a little. "...You horny or something?"

"Hmm, maybe." That groan sent all his nerves on high-alert, and Axel almost flinched from the sound. Damn, he hadn't known the kid could make a noise like that. He hid the initial reaction well though, and only grinned wickedly as an answer to Roxas' own smirk. "Actually, just making sure you hadn't passed out yet. I doubt you'll last much longer."

Right then the redhead took another swig of his bottle, and his right hand, itching for contact, manuevered its way onto Roxas' clothed thigh. With a mind of its own, the fingers traced random and invisible lines all around, sometimes even drumming a tune which only Axel could hear. The other thought nothing of his actions and just continued to let the alcohol drain to his stomach. Finally he let the bottle fall from his lips and he took a long breath, turning back to Roxas with a half-lidded gaze. His green eyes were hazed over with... something; whether it be lust or drunkenness had yet to be seen.

Roxas took another quick swig from his wine bottle, barely able to keep himself from choking on it at Axel’s answer. He opted to pretend that this reply had nothing to do with him, in lieu licking his lips and being oblivious to the whole idea of Axel feeling that way about innocent little Roxas. "I've got plenty left in me before I pass out, don't worry."

Shock at the sensation of fingers on his thigh stiffened Roxas' actions for a moment, though. Axel was touching him. Touching him. He swallowed convulsively, uncertain about what he should do next until he realized that the gesture was more of an automatic one, as though the other Nobody was doing it for lack of anything better to do with his right hand.

Well... two could play at that game. Without further ado Roxas picked up Axel's hand and, still holding it, twisted around in his seat and moved closer until he was all the way in his lap. "I still haven't forgotten the joys of an Axel-lap, you know," he conceded in a soft voice. The blond took up his hand in both of his, bringing the back of it to his mouth. He then brushed his lips against the skin, not quite sure what else to do with it. His face had gone warm again. “…I don’t want to forget, either.”

Axel officially decided that whatever game they'd been playing up to now, Roxas definitely had the lead with his last move, and had yet to decide whether this would end up being a good thing or a bad one. His fried brain kept insisting that having a Roxas on his lap equaled a very good thing indeed, and while he couldn't come up with any overwhelming evidence to support this thought... heh, who was he to complain about such things?

"Keep this up and you won't be forgetting many things," Axel told him softly, inwardly surprised at how thick and muddled his voice came out. The last of his pride and control screamed at the Nobody to get a grip, that Roxas shouldn't be affecting him this way, that something very unpleasant would result if both of them didn't quit while they were ahead... Axel told this part of his mind to shove off and brushed the back of his hand harder against the blond's lips. He enjoyed the sensation; he wanted more.

Roxas would be lying if he said he didn't enjoy the sensation of his lips against Axel's flesh any less than the redhead did. Chuckling into his hand, the blond chose to delight in the moment as much as he could while in such an inebriated haze. He was more excited to be there than the last time he'd sat in his lap, to say the very least. Letting his eyes drift upward to rest on those pretty green ones, he placed his lips on the end of his index finger, and, still blushing madly, sucked and nipped at it until it was halfway into his mouth. Roxas was too smashed to really understand why he was doing this anymore... perhaps it was just a secret longing to know how the other tasted.

And yes, Axel tasted good indeed. He even went as far as to gently bite another one of his fingers, this time the middle one.

A choked noise scraped up his throat, and his entire hand seized up with his middle finger still in Roxas' mouth. This was, simply put, one of the most erotic acts he'd seen... and all seemingly innocent in its own way. Or maybe because this was Roxas in front of him that made this all the more... sensual. The Nobody on his lap practically dripped hormones, and Axel's natural response to such stimulation began to flare. He just wanted to eat the other alive, now. Screw the game.

He'd be kicking himself for having such thoughts in the morning, when the hangover took over.

A low, primal grow slipped out and the redhead bent forward, another whisper catching Roxas' ear. "You're pushing it," he breathed hotly. Despite his half-assed threat, Axel didn't bother removing his finger, instead circling his second arm around the lithe waist and pulling his friend closer. "Never thought you could be so naughty, Roxas." His tone didn't give away any displeasure, though his words warned Roxas of what he was doing... and what might end up happening if this continued.

A small amount of rationality came back to Roxas long enough for him to remove his lips from around Axel's finger. God, he was on fire. Not just from the wine, which he'd ended up dropping onto the floor (somehow without spilling), but from... was it... lust? He was breathing hard enough for it to be construed as panting, and he let out a sound halfway between a moan and a whimper when the redhead brought him closer. "P...pushing what?" He murmured, blushing further.

His inner Roxas was screaming at him to stop right now, else he regret it in the morning, while the Roxas who was currently drunk and turned on was too busy sliding clumsy hands underneath Axel's shirt to give a rat's ass about any logical thought. He wanted to touch him... was that such a crime? Yes. Yes it was. But damn, he felt good. Nice and smooth beneath the cloth. "And… if I'm being naughty..." He leant inwards until his lips were brushing against Axel's ear; exactly what he'd done earlier with the blond. "I blame you."

Where the hell had Roxas' mind gone, other than into the gutter? It seemed like the shooters and wine had washed it all away, replacing it with this... this... feeling; this need to be as close to the bastard as he could get.

That blush was strangely cute in such a heated situation, and Axel would have laughed himself silly if not for the fact he was too busy nuzzling against Roxas' neck, biting him every now and again just to draw a sharp gasp or squirm. The little devil didn't know who he now dealt with. "Blame me? You're the one who crawled on my lap." Another nip to the juncture below his earlobe. He was enjoying himself, loving all reactions he pulled from Roxas, drinking them in. A greedy desire to pull out more consumed him; Axel didn't feel like disobeying it any time soon.

He jerked to attention when the blond got sneaky and slid both hands under his shirt, causing Axel to take in a sharp breath. That had been most unexpected. "S-shit," he laughed with a breathless quality. "Gonna have to give you more credit, huh?" He grinned lecherously down at Roxas and abruptly slid his own hands over the other's chest, harshly pinching his nipples and gauging all reactions. His new game was to see Roxas lose the last of his sanity and control; it's what he wanted.

Axel always got what he wanted in the end.

With every touch the keyblader was brought closer and closer to just giving in to the allure that was Axel, but repeatedly he would refuse to accept that this was his best friend he was getting all hot and flustered over. He was still tentative about the touching as opposed to Axel, so his hands continued to move painstakingly slow up under the man's shirt. Breath hitching, he answered, "I... ow-- didn't I tell you h-how irresistible it was?" Roxas wrapped his arms around behind him, scraping dull nails across his bare back. "... how irresistible you are?"

He bit back a startled yell at the sudden pinch, clutching harder to the other Nobody as his body reacted to both the pain and the pleasure. "Yeah," he murmured, swallowing hard with eyes shut tight. "I do deserve more credit, damn it... n-not that you haven't earned a lot yourself."

Roxas wanted to kiss him. He actually wanted to. He longed for it so much that he felt a sweltering wave of heat erupt from his chest outwards until his whole body ached from such a newfound feeling. Oh god... he was getting dizzy. He began to pray that both his emotions toward the redhead and the current haziness of his vision had merely been caused by the effects of the alcohol. But... "Axel," he said, eyelashes fluttering. "I... y-you..." He felt so heavy and weak that he couldn't seem to bring his thoughts past his lips any more.

The weight against his chest grew heavy and alarming until Axel found himself stopping all movements, uttering a "Huh?" at Roxas' chopped sentences and slurred words. He looked downward at the tilting body, barely managing to fight off the irrational thought that Roxas had just died in his arms, and with one hand tilted the face upward. "... Roxas?" he asked quietly. The pleasure still hummed at this body, but took a quick back seat. "Rox?"

His gaze met with a unconscious face, eyes slipped closed while the boy breathed deeply and peacefully. One wouldn't think someone with his angelic face had only moments before been in a heated make-out session with his best friend. Axel quietly snorted at that and shook his head, not able to help the small smile that wormed its way into view. By now more of the lust dissipated from his blood and 'emotions', leaving him with subtle drunken thoughts that made his mind spin. "Aww, Roxas, you lightweight," he complained more to the air than anything, leaning back against the couch with Roxas still curled up against him. "Such a tease..."
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