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reconditenight in desaiuniversity

Hohoho, SCENE.

Who: Maya, Eva and Hisagi
What: Making cookies! Or, you know, trying. Between the human head in a pot, and not a single one of them knowing how to bake...
Where: The suite common room of Dante, Vergil, Maya and Kanda.
When: JUST NOW. But. Like. In the daytime. flkjdslkfj
Warnings: Accidental ingestion of human soup, destruction of the Devil Boys' room, destruction of Kanda's sleeping area, destruction of the new microwave that Vergil apparently bought... Well, keep an eye out on duooc so you can get FULL DETAILS.

Maya was up amazingly early-- showered and dressed by noon, holy smacks! Granted, her hair was still wet and dripping on her t-shirt (which was pink and had an adorable kitty graphic on it). She bustled about the apartment in sock feet and rolled up blue jeans, trying to clean up the common area and kitchen. Her definition of cleaning, however, was... subjective, to say the least. It entailed taking everything that shouldn't be in the common room and throwing it in each resident's respective room, then shutting the doors.

Finally, things were in order (barely) and Maya turned down the heat on Dante's suspicious pot, so it wouldn't boil over. Now, to wait! Hisagi and Vergil's mom were going to arrive at any minute!

Eva was a bit surprised, to say the least, when her eldest son beckoned for her, and requested that she assist his suitemate in her mission to bake cookies. Objections were ignored or cut-off, the entire ride in his very nice automobile (she had yet to learn the names for the many cars she saw) to the dormitory, and all the way until he dropped her off at their floor. She still recalled the room her sons stayed in, and was quickly on her way as she carefully toyed with the silken white blouse she wore that day, buttoned up to the collar. The skirt she wore, a soft tan, was just below the knees, and so very revealing in her opinion, if not for the boots Vergil encouraged her to wear. At least they matched, a bit.

The door on the boys' side was locked, but she was told to go to the next door and knock, and it would be correct. After assuring her long hair was just so, the Britishwoman knocked several times, rapidly, on the door. This was going to be an absolutely pleasant disaster, but at least she could blame her husband. How? She wasn't sure, right then, but Eva La Spada would think of a way!

Maya screeched to a halt when she heard the raps on the door, skidding a bit as she turned around. She nearly fell over herself in the process, but managed to pull herself out of a hurting tailbone with a nice save. She tucked her wet hair behind her ear and pretended to look like she was doing something.

"Irasshaimase~!" She said out of habit, then realized that the person on the other side of the door prrrrobably didn't speak Japanese. "I, uh, come in please!" Eva would soon find out that the door is unlocked!

Oh, Lord, Eva thought, as she pushed the door open and laid eyes on the girl. Coming from a time period where one was not as accustomed to seeing individuals from a descent not of your own, Eva was still attempting to get accustomed to all the various people that roamed Desai. Not that it was an entirely bad thing! She had traveled much the world in younger years, and somewhat as it was worth during her death years, but still. How not to cause an international incident? She wasn't her husband, after all.

The Victorian woman clasped her hands together as she paced in, and after she set the door closed once again. "Good afternoon, love. Are you Maya, by any chance?"

tentarafoo: Maya put down the paper she was looking at (or, pretending to), and offered Eva a bright smile. Perhaps too bright and happy, but that was Maya. "Yeahyeah~! I'm Maya~ are you Vergil's mom? La Spada-kaasan~?" It was funny, how Maya spoke, completely butchering pronunciation of Eva's name... but it was cute. And childish. This girl should've been thirteen instead of twenty-three, it seemed.

Eva couldn't help but laugh a bit behind a hand. Wow, she was certainly very cheerful! Well, better that than a complete grouch, much like the woman's eldest son. Happiness was never a bad thing, so Eva was not the sort to jeer her for how friendly she was first appearing to be. La Spada-kaasan, however? Well, Eva was vaguely familiar with the positioning of honorifics with Asians, even if the actual terms were beyond her, so she accepted it gracefully. "I am! Vergil and Dante are my dearest sons, for as diabolical as they can be at times." Like she could turn a blind eye to that. "'tis quite the pleasure to meet you, young lady!"

Maya chuckled a bit too, knowing full well that her mannerisms were silly. They were partly like that on purpose, to get other people to smile and be happy. Most of the time, it worked. It seemed to be doing so with Dante and Vergil's mom, too! Victoly!

"Nice to meet you! Come in come in~!" At first, she gave Eva the traditional 'come here' signal in her native country then realized that... Eva probably wasn't familiar with it. She laughed lightly again, and gave the more Western signal. "I got ingredients for cookies! Aaaand~ Shuhei should be here soon too!"

Eva was patient, watching and listening to Maya whenever she flubbed something with her own culture, and corrected it to Eva's understanding. That was how Eva, many a time, learned how to function in other countries, and so she figured it would come in handy then. Ichigo and Isshin tended to behave fully... well, American, really, so she learned not a bit from them. She followed Maya's gestures, walking with a highly trained grace that she figured she'd long lost (not that she was complaining: she was a noble woman, after all). It was a bit raw, in those blasted boots, but oh well!

"Oh, goodness, an entourage of help!" Eva said with a chuckle. She proceeded around to peek into the kitchen. Oh, this was going to be postively disasterous, and Vergil, that naughty child, knew it. What a little monster (as much as she loved him). "Oh? Is someone already cooking something, child?" The use of 'child' was a bit ironic, considering, physically, they were so close in age, but Eva seemed undetered, too busy with her eyes on that pot on the stove.

Maya removed the bracelet she wore and began to dig ingredients out of the cabinets: flour, sugar, bowls to put them in and the like. She eyed the pot with a long pause. "Oh! Ummm that's... Dante's cooking something I guess. Soup probably~ I'm not going to touching it, though... he'd get angry!" She smile despite what she just said, and began to look for the recipe book she'd started compiling. Parts of it were, well, strewn everywhere.

After a bit of searching, she stumbled upon a very simple recipe for peanut butter cookies. "Aha~! Today we make peanutbutter cookies if that okay with you, yes~?"

"Oh, probably." It was said distractedly, because like a good mother would, Eva walked over to the pot to take a look inside, testing the handle of the pot's lid for heat, before plucking it off. It wasn't too hot, at least nothing she couldn't handle, especially in the gigai. Inside was a stewed, foamy pool of liquid, with a bittersweet scent. She eyed to the side, noting the various herbs strewn about nearby, along with a set of tongs.

She looked over her shoulder as she took up the tongs, and smiled to Maya. "Absolutely, darling. I daresay I ne'er tasted the likes of peanut butter before, so it should be quite interesting!" She winked to the girl, and then turned back to the pot. What in the world did soup need tongs for? she wondered, as she stuck them into the foamy mess to see what she could find.

"Ohh! Peanut butter is... oishi--very delicious!" Maya said with a nod, after fumbling over her words. She studied the recipe for a few moments and then turned on the stove, turning around to face Eva and her brave excursion into... whatever Dante was cooking. Honestly, part of Maya didn't really want to know.

"So, umm~ 'kaasan..." Aww, calling her 'mom,' so cute! She actually didn't know Mrs. La Spada's first name and Eva was first referred to as 'my mother' by Vergil so, in Maya's book, it made sense, "Are you study anything in Desai?"

"Studying anything?" That was a very valid question. Really, Eva was studying everything around her. So many cultures, so many vast changes. She was sure her husband was quite tired of hearing her. "Oh, I have my hands most everywhere, love." She turned to look at Maya as the tongs hit something a bit cushy, but primarily hard. A roast? "Though mostly with my eternal beloved husband."

Hooking the tongs just so, Eva began to pull out the object for observation. "Everything's quite different from where I hail, you see. And--oh, that silly little bugger!" Well, that explained it, truly, as out emerged the form of a human skull, clamped by the tongs between eyesocket and upper jaw. It was red and slick, where Dante was clearly attempting to strip it of its flesh. "Now, really, this is simply not something you leave unattended like this." She had little doubt that, while it looked human, surely if it was Dante's it wasn't, so Eva didn't bat an eyelash. She had to do such things many times in her day, after all.

Unfortunately, with it out of the scented brew as it was, the pungent smell started to become prominent in the room.

"Ohhh so just like me, huh! I studying the culture here too... its very different from where I'm from, Sumaru City!" Maya smiled, looking up from measuring out the required amount of flouer. Her smile grew when Eva mentioned her husband. "Ohh so you're married too~! How cool~! I want an awesome husband someday... but, right now, I'm too busy with school," she pouted slightly.

And then... she just looked downright horrified when the skull was pulled out of the pot. Maya dropped the measuring cup into the flour, causing a mushroom cloud of white dust. "...that's... really.. gross..." Maya said, her voice muffled due to her hand covering her mouth.

Eva didn't miss a beat, as she gently replaced the skull into the stew of the pot, and replaced the lid after giving it a couple of shakes. It was much too cool a temperature to be doing that at, but alas, Eva had no idea how to change that. The tongs were paced over to the sink, where she began to wash them off carefully. "Don't be so alarmed, sweetheart, it's not human. Dante wouldn't be such a monster." Of course he wouldn't! "Just leave it be. I'll tend to it on occassion, until I can inquire over his whereabouts." Honestly, why did he just leave it there? It would take forever to strip at that rate.

The tongs clattered into the sink as she released them, and Eva turned to Maya. Poor thing, she wasn't used to it at all, even if she did handle it better than any other woman from Eva's time (the lack of corsets, no doubt, helped). "On to more chipper things, hm? You desire a husband one day?" Best to distract the poor girl, Eva decided, as she went to take the recipe gently, to observe it before she started. But oh, that smell. She'd have to open a window soon. Fortunately, with it back in the stew, that wouldn't be a continuing problem.

Maya did indeed look quite paler as she gawked at the skull, and then breathed a sigh of relief when the skull was put back into the pot. However, the stench in the air didn't make the sigh any more pleasant. The awful smell of the flesh filled Maya's lungs and she tried to not let it bother her too much. Or, at least, not show it outwardly. Instead, she smiled brightly. "I'll light a candle!" And, indeed, she lit a rather strong-smelling vanilla candle that was on the counter.

"Oh, um... yeah, a husband... eventually!" Maya said with that same smile, but her eyes took on a dreamy, yet kind of sad look. "And a family, too. Again, eventually. I have to get things settled with my job and school first," she said with a nod, going back to measuring out the flour. Was it two or three cups of flour...?

Eva took to opening that window, as Maya lit her candle, because that would indeed be enough to handle it. And, if not... well, Vergil was quite a vain lad, and no doubt had enough noxious body scents to handle that needed to be taken care of. She then placed the recipe between her and Maya carefully. "Butter, butter, it requires butter?"

She glanced back to the card. "That is very good. You all have far much more time in this day to work to such stability. However, would you still put marriage on hold if you found your true beloved?" It did require butter, and grabbing at the small rectangle, she glanced around. There was that microwave there, that Vergil mentioned, and she'd learned that those warmed things up, yes? So, there she was, carrying the foil-wrapped butter (so convenient and small!) over to warm it up, just a bit! It'd do no good, that hard, when making the mix, as Eva was so used to do such things by hand. "Because that would seem so silly."

"Ah, yes! Butter right there-ish..." Maya gestured offhandedly to where the butter was, and then went to putting the appropriate amounts of sugar into the mixture. Her movements became slower as she thought deeper on the subject of love and marriage. It was always a big deal to find a man who could provide everything, but she wanted to be able to fend for herself.

"I... well, if I do finding the one I love, then... I don't know, actually," she frowned at this, staring down at the counter. "I don't know what I'd do, because I don't have a boyfriend," she looked over at Eva and gave a silly smile, "Work is my lover, right now!"

"Oh, darling. Don't be so sad." The butter was placed, foil and all, into the microwave, and the door was shut, though Eva left it be for a moment, as she crossed back to Maya. She saw that frown, yes she did! "Maya-love, back in my day, it was simply unacceptable for a woman of my stature to not be at least courting at very young ages. I simply was far too involved in other endeavors myself to worry about it, against the scorn of those who watched me for lack of anything better to do."

A touchy woman, mostly due to her motherly instinct, Eva lifted a hand and gently tapped Maya's nose. "You must take the time you feel most comfortable with. 'twill find you, that true love. I thought it possible not, myself, until I met the man to whom my heart is eternally vowed. God and fate will grace you, when it is to be." Using phrases like that was a bit of a habit for Eva, solely based on her being Christian herself (ironic, due to her marriage), and no, she never thought it inappropriate to say to anyone else. Which is why she gave Maya a friendly nod in emphasis, before she went to set the microwave.

Maya chuckled a little, and put the rest of the sugar into the mix. Perhaps a bit too much, but... everyone (except Kanda) loved sugar, right? These would be extra sweet and delicious cookies! "Well... girls my age should be look for husbands and everything... but I want to concentrate on my job! To balance family and career! My ultimate goal, that I will achieving!"

Eva tapped Maya's nose right at that little bit of Positive Thinking!! from the petite Japanese girl, and offered another one of those usual bright smiles. She was quite thankful that Dante and Vergil's mother was so nice... though, she had to admit that she was curious, how none of that kindness transferred into the next generation.

"Hee! You're so nice, 'Kaasan!" Maya beamed at this. Really. She liked this woman. "Very good to be around a positive thinking person, since everyone else is being grouchy!"

"Well, everyone is how they are for a reason, darling." Which was true. It made her a bit sour, a bit sad, as she could see it wholly in the eyes of her sons. She'd dared not speak to Sparda about them, as of yet, but that time was coming. "We must all learn to be understanding to all personalities, grouchy and cheerful alike, hm? That grouchy person you may not get along with so well just may be someone who is hurting greatly on the inside." Still very bitter, did that make her, as again she recalled her sons. Truly, had she known then what she knew by that day, Eva would have never allowed herself to become pregnant. Poor children.

She set the timer, rather clumsily, to five minutes, and was about to push the button, as movement at the entry to the common area caught her eye and she turned. Standing there was a rather attractive (Asian) man. His face was marked ritualistically and, despite his rather 'street' appearance, he looked rather friendly. "Um, hello?" he asked, eyes falling to the mess of cookie ingredients in front of Maya. "This is the right room, right? For Maya?"

"Hmm, yeah... people put up the Super Grouchy front because of what going on inside, but still... I want to help them, right?? And a lot of the time, they don't letting me." Maya smiled through this, recalling some of the more funny moments between her and her suitemates. Such as Kanda's look of sheer horror, or Dante's confusion. There was good, somewhere down in those shriveled black hearts of theirs, and dang it! Maya Amano, Persona-user and editor for Kismet's magazine Coolest would find it! ...Too bad she couldn't find that Eva was setting the microwave to the 'Explode Butter' setting.

The girl turned around upon hearing the deep, male voice contrasting the girl talk that was ensuing. "Ummm yes?" She blinked, looking over the man. "Are you... Shuhei-kun, by chance??"

Eva let the subject drop, as she leant on the counter in front of the microwave to allow the two to talk. For the moment, she'd forgotten all about the foil-wrapped butter set to five minutes in the microwave.

Hisagi Shuhei offered a small smile, even if he did cringe a bit on the inside. He wasn't used to the use of given names by strangers, but it was a far more Western world, and he was using hers, so he told himself to give over it. He offered her, however, a bow in greeting; he was traditional, as that was simply what was done in Soul Society. Modern day Japan, Hisagi wasn't honestly sure, but at least she'd understand. "I am." He straightened after offering a bow to the blonde across the small room. "Hisagi Shuhei."

Eva had been bothering chewing on her thumb lightly, before a laugh escaped her. "Oh, you're one of the queer ones, are you?"

"Excuse me?" he asked, his eyes widening. That? Was the work of Dante. He knew it was.

"Ahaha, nothing." She waved him off, and turned around the the microwave, leaving him to look between her back and Maya.

Maya smiled and bowed in return to Shuhei, letting her half-wet hair flop in front of her face. With a bit of a giggle, she pulled it back behind her ears and then gestured to the cookie ingredients on the counter. "You're just in time, Shuhei-kun~ me and 'Kaasan are make cookies!"

She fell silent when Shuhei and Eva talked amongst themselves but, when Eva turned back to the microwave, Maya chimed in again. "Nice to meet you in person Shuhei-kuuuun~!" Cripes. She was just so damn happy!

She was happy! But Hisagi was patient. It was one of the many things he'd learned, being a Vice-Captain. Between serving as liason from lower shinigami in his division to his [former] Captain, and dealing with the other Vice-Captains, the cheerfulness wasn't nearly as much a put-off for him, as it was for others. Kusajishi and Matsumoto came to mind... even if it was a far more pleasant situation with Matsumoto. "Awesome. Can I help you ladies with anything?" It was too bad that the blonde was there, or else he'd have recommended speaking in Japanese.

He did hang on the 'Kaasan' part and quirked an eyebrow. Well. At least it was obvious the blonde woman wasn't actually Maya's mother, but that was awfully peculiar. Ah, well, it was rude to question it, and he did his best to swipe it from his face. "Just name it."

It was said a bit askance, as he went over to the pot on the stove. No one was objecting as he went to go take a look. "Soup?" he asked, mostly towards Eva, since Maya seemed the one primarily busy with the cookie making (he had yet to see what Eva was doing). All he got was a bit of quirked eyebrow, and a well-humored, "Precisely that, love!" before she turned away. How was she to know what would happen, as he glanced to a drawer nearby was laid a bit open, where the silverware was at?

And yes, he did take a spoon from it, and yes, he did go to take a taste. It smelt awful, but...

"Umm! I think we've have everything under control~!" Maya said with a nod from her post at the mixer. Hmm... eggs. She trotted over to the refrigerator, where there was a carton of eggs. After plucking out two, as the recipe called for, she caught Shuhei's look of confusion.

"Oh! Um... she's not really my mother, but um! She's Dante and Vergil's mom, Mrs. La Spada!" Maya smiled and nodded once at this speaking to Shuhei in a bit of a quieter tone, "But I like to calling her Okaasan! Or Kaasan... hee~"

And now, the challenging task of cracking an egg, rather than smashing it in her hand. Maya stared at the eggs for a moment and offered one to Shuhei. "Put in this bowl, kay? Once cracked, that is!" She said, and shook her index finger while giving instructions.

He'd offered Maya an amused, "[You're lucky Westerners are less likely to get up in arms about that.]" in their mutual native tongue, when he was given the explanation. Though, that really did explain the woman's snark. It really was Dante's fault. He was going to have to get that uke back. It was one thing in front of his face, but where he couldn't defend himself? Oh, no.

He set the pot lid back down, after taking a small spoonful of the bitter-smelling, rather foamy looking liquid, and went to take the egg offered to him by Maya. "Totally can do." He paused to sip down the contents of the spoon, at which point he seethed. Good lord, not only was it bitter, but--he couldn't even comprehend the taste beyond the fact that his stomach, fake as it was, was already rejecting it and he let out an audible gag, with a quick, "That soup is an abomination!"

And Eva was about to hit that start button too, until she heard that. She whirled around, eyes huge, as she clapped a hand over her mouth. "You did not just eat that, did you?"

And Maya replied in an equally amused tone, "[She's not all there in this timeline and stuff, so she doesn't quite know our levels of formality. Still... it's cute! I still can't believe she's Dante and Vergil's mom. She's so nice!]" she said with a chuckle, then just stared as Shuhei actually ATE the contents of that awful, God-forsaken pot of boiling skull.

"...S-Shuhei-kun!!" And, having just spoken in Japanese, she couldn't help lapsing into it again, "[There's a skull in that pot!! You couldn't tell from the smell???]"

"[What?!]" It was a mutual slip.

It didn't help that the blonde woman was starting to laugh. Nice she may have been, but that was just sadistic. "Love, there is a human skull in there getting its flesh stripped."

"You said it was soup!" he argued, stammering out of his native tongue rather clumsily.

"Well, I didn't believe you so atrociously rude as to taste it without permission," was the retort.

His eyes widened desperately, flickering between Eva and Maya, before egg and spoon were dropped to the floor. "--going to be ill--" And off he went, in the direction of the boys' side of the suite. Sure enough, just as he entered there, he didn't quite reach the nearest wastebasket before his stomach decided to let loose all over the carpet in there.

Eva, meanwhile, simply busied herself with scooping the broken egg with some papertowels. "Oh, honestly, you'd think him an accidental cannibal, the way he's acting." No, that was not amusement in her voice as she spoke to Maya. Not at all!

Maya gasped as Shuhei ran to the boys' side of the room and followed, being careful to step over the egg and spoon on the floor. Really, stepping on a raw egg in bare feet... ewww. On the way, she grabbed a kitchen towel and hurried after Shuhei, stopping short of the pile of whatever Shuhei ate before coming to the suite.

"Iyaaaa!" She frowned and reached out to the shinigami, offering the towel to him. "[Don't worry about it, we'll get it all cleaned up! Here, come lay down in the common room... I cleaned off the couch!]"

Another seething retch escaped him, and more of his stomach contents splattered to the... overly-cleaned dormroom carpet. He grasped the towel and clapped it over his mouth, taking a moment to look around the room. Wow. Dante and Vergil were... The room was perfectly made, which was surprising for the two mongrels (and it helped him keep his mind off the fact that he ate--ugh). They were going to be pissed when they saw vomit in the middle of their room...

His voice was muffled, as he gently waved her off. Damnable gigai, it really did function like a whole body, didn't it? "[No, no, I'm okay.]" He tried to mask the utter hysteria he was feeling in the corner of his mind. Why did shit like that always happen to him? Why? Did he ask for it? "[Really.]" Still muffled. That towel wasn't leaving his face. He had vomit-breath at that point, and the last thing he needed to be doing was breathing it all over the women.

And that's when the pops started from the kitchen, laced around a yelp of shock from Eva. She'd started the microwave, finally, after tossing the shattered egg, and it was, for obvious reasons (although not to her), rejecting the foil-wrapped butter. "Oh dear, it appears we have a fire, sweethearts~"

Maya offered Shuhei a comforting smile, which surprisingly, wasn't the full-blown OMFGHAPPY!!1 smile she normally gave. She gently took the shinigami's arm and guided him back out to the kitchen, where she heard the popping noises from the microwave. And then Eva's note about the fire.

Fire. Fire. Another one! "O-Oh nooo!!" Maya did a little anxious dance trying to figure out what was going on, and then saw the smoke. From the microwave, as well. Then... the fire alarms started blaring, which sent Maya instinctively into Shuhei's arm. "Aiyaaa!!" She exclaimed, completely blanking out for a moment.

FIRE. IN THE MICROWAVE! Such tragedy, that had befallen the butter for cookies!

And all Hisagi could do was facepalm. Face met palm, and he just stood there, silent, as he heard Eva traipse on past. "I do believe we ought to flee, my children, as I shant allow us responsibility for this." It was Vergil's fault, and he was going to get a spanking, she swore it! She would make Sparda do it.

...which was laughable. He spoiled their children absolutely rotten then, and despite their ways now, could he be any different, she wondered? No, probably not. But that was alright, because the benefit at that point was that in the confusion wrought by the alarms, she could probably claim that axe as her own, that she wanted when she first visited Dante there. The one in the stairwell...

And fortunately for Maya, Hisagi was still calm, as he straightened from his facepalm, and he clasped one of Maya's hands holding his one arm. "[Breathe, it'll be okay.]" ...said, as he glanced at the flaming microwave. "[Yes.]" A tug, to get her to start following Eva alongside him, though not to break her from his arm. "[Okay, once we get out of here. The fire department'll be here soon.]" As long as she didn't cling anymore than that? Everything would be just fine, he promised himself.

Maya frowned and pressed her head against Hisagi's shoulder, covering her other ear with her hand. Those alarms were soooo loud! And gave Maya a headache. "Shuhei-kuuuuun! I can fix this! I puted out the last fire~! Fire department too slow!" Maya said with a nod, and then stepped away from Hisagi and back to the flaming microwave.

With that, Maya planted her bare feet firmly on the kitchen's linoleum floor and said one word: "Persona!" It wasn't quite a yell, though she did raise her voice considerably. Then, that same column of blue light appeared around her, and a mysterious figure rose from within her, it looked like.

Then, another word from Maya. "Aques!" The figure raised one of its pink-sleeved arms and water appeared from, well, nowhere. It poured on the microwave, effectively dousing the flames... and also effectively making an ankle-deep lake in the common room and destroying Kanda's 'bed,' as it were.

But at least there was no more fire!

Oh, Lord have mercy. Eva was the one to facepalm that time, as she turned to Maya's shouting, and watched what was happening with the bizarre creature she just summoned. Honestly. That was the sort of thing that got oneself killed by the former demon huntress. And she really did like Maya too, but Vergil had said she was unallowed to kill any students (and why she bothered to allow her son to give her such direction, she was unsure aside from her lack of knowledge to modern law). Indeed, at least the fire was out though, even though the halls were cluttered with evacuating students and visitors still.

She kept silent, while Hisagi watched with squinted eyes. Not out of suspicion, but curiosity. "What did you just do?" He'd heard that the students at the university were special, and some of them had amazingly high spiritual pressures, but that was the first he'd seen of any of it. "Wh-What was that?"

The creature, Maia, disappeared along with the light. The microwave, now open, let out a defeated stream of smoke which was slowly dissipating. Maya, on the other hand, sloshed around in the ankle-deep water, rested a hand on her hip and gave a victory/peace sign! "Victoly~! Fire put out!"

She, however, stopped mid-giggle when she saw that Eva and Hisagi were just... staring. Oh, right. They hadn't seen Persona before. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea, but... the fire would've spread quickly if she hadn't done anything!

"I put out the fire of course~! No need to go outside now!" Maya looked between Eva and Hisagi with an unfaltering smile.

And Eva was still facepalming. Just... facepalming, and staring under her hand at the water rolling around on the floor. That was going to damage things, and she pitied whomever was roomed underneath that suite, because that water would be quick to drain under the floor if the construction wasn't sound. But moreso, she was concerned with the suite they stood in. The boys were going to be positively furious, especially as, when she glanced at the stove, she noticed the little red light designating the surface was hot had blinked out. No power. Wonderful. Perhaps she would take the head with her and finish the job at home. But no, she didn't say anything to Maya. Not out of spite or hate, just because she couldn't believe how freely she used that ability, without understanding a thing about her company!

Likewise with Hisagi, even if it was most certainly not a Hollow. What was it? He didn't know. "I... well, I see that, but what did you use to do that?"

In all honesty, Maya had no idea what Eva's profession was. Sure, she knew that Dante and Vergil were half-demons and Eva looked too young to be their mother, so there was definitely some kind of magic going on there. Maya looked to Eva with an almost guilty look, knowing the full damage of what she did. She put out the fire, but... turned the room into a lake and killed the power. Perhaps she should've used a smaller water spell; the leftover water would have been easily cleaned up with a rag or three...

"I, um...!" She turned her gaze back to Hisagi, tucking some hair behind her ear, "I called out my Persona! I really shouldn't be doing that here! I'm sorry!!" Maya then bowed in apology.

Hisagi hooked a hand to his opposing elbow, and spent a moment to kick at the water rolling around on the floor. "Persona?" Hunh. He'd never heard that term before, and had half the mind to consult Captain Hitsugaya about it and his first opportunity. He knew the Captain was busy housing his Vice-Captain, the well-endowed Matsumoto Rangiku, who, no doubt, was busy keeping all his attention for herself, but surely an extension for counsel would be welcome? "What is it?"

"Is it demonic, love?" Eva interjected. "'tis the most important question, I do believe. Its origins, are they dark?" Of course, even if it was, Maya appeared to have a bond with it, so no doubt she'd say no, but it was worth a shot. And, if anything, Eva would keep a watchful eye on the poor lass, incase it attempted to turn on her. Nothing in Maya's behavior struck Eva as wicked, so no, she didn't figure Maya held that... Persona for malicious reasons.

Maya stayed in that bow for a few long moments, watching the water swirl around her ankles. Her bare feet were starting to get cold. She looked up at Hisagi once he started speaking and opened her mouth to reply, but looked to Eva when she interjected.

"I... um... no! Of course not!" She took on a bit of a desperate, pleading tone at this, while placing both hands over her heart. "Persona is good! Good magics!!" The girl insisted, not understanding why the Persona was seen as an enemy. Sure, it could be used for evil, but... she would never, ever, EVER do such a thing. Ever.

She was a good girl. Eva nodded to her, offering a small smile in an attempt to comfort her. "I'll trust your word, darling." She had no choice, anyway. "Alas, it looks like we shant be able to bake cookies this day!" Quite thankful that she was encouraged to wear those boots then, she sloshed over and took up the warm pot from the stove. After all, the alarms fell silent, but there were lights still flashing, and she could hear the rhythm of emergency units in the distance, through the open window. Beyond the fact that it would just turn sick, and Dante wouldn't be able to strip the skull if it sat and cooled for too long, there was the chance the authorities would discover what was in the pot. That simply would not do.

Yes, Eva was the sort to bury bodies for her children.

Hisagi looked between the two females, before coughing a bit uneasily. It wasn't from any sort of tension between the women, but... well. He didn't know what. Something just made him a bit uneasy. "I'm thinking it'd be better to just go buy cookies, yeah?"

Maya stood up straight and looked at the emergency vehicles approaching the dorms and gave a smile. A 'I just royally fucked things up but I'll be positive!!' sort of smile, that Maya was prone to. "Oookay~! We'll bake cookies another time! But, this time... we'll buy them," she said with that smile of hers, then turned to the door.

"We should probably going, ne? I hear we get in trouble if in the building during a fire alarm..." Whoops!

"Absolutely, loves!" Eva said as she tromped past, through the water.

The pot was wrapped tight with both arms as she passed, Hisagi's eyes widening, "You're--You're taking that with you?!"

"Well?" She stopped once she was out the door, to pass through Maya's side, to the hall, and faced them both. "And allow someone to take it the wrong way, and attempt to apprehend my son? I do think not." A wink was given, and she continued out.

Hisagi jerked a little, before saying loudly, "You do realize I ate some of that, right?!" as he started out in the same direction. He stopped at the door, however, to turn and wait for Maya. It'd be rude to just storm off without her, after all, even despite how absolutely appalling the entirety of the situation was. And to think, the blonde didn't even respond to him.

At that moment, Maya admired Eva, even though she shouldn't. Y'know. What with the whole skull thing. But it was sweet, Eva not wanting her son to get arrested. It was more decency than her father would've offered that. But whatever. Smiles all around! She sloshed through the water after Hisagi, placing a gentle hand on his arm.

"[Hey, hey! I don't think its in your system anymore, so no need to worry, yes? You'll be fine!]" Maya said confidently, in Japanese.

Once she caught up, Hisagi started to walk out of the suite quickly, his own shoes still sloshing from water that had seeped through the fabric. "I guess so," he said in English, even though his face read of how absolutely squicked out he was by it. "[Still, the last thing I wanted to be able to say is that I've participated in cannibalism.]" He didn't care what Eva said: that had to be human, because why else would she be running with the pot? Went to figure, though, for Dante and Vergil. He was going to request a completely new gigai, first chance he got, because it just felt dirty and wrong.

Maya shuffled after him, giving a concerned smile. It didn't seem possible, for one to seem happy and concerned at the same time, but Maya managed. 'Happy' supplemented any mood at any time.

"[Yeah... that's totally gross! But you didn't know. And you threw it up, too...] Maya said, giving Hisagi a few consoling pats on the shoulder.

"[Yeah, I guess so.]" He shrugged a bit, and tried to gauge himself to a more positive attitude himself. Not as easy for the Vice-Captain-turned-Acting-Captain of the 9th Division, but not impossible. "[When this is over, I'm scrubbing my teeth down. Because both taking it in and letting it out are gross.]" And he meant that. Cookies could wait, because... just no. "[When is it that you're wanting to get those cookies, again?]"

Maya gave him another super positive smile as they headed down the stairs, thankfully now out of the water. Maya left little wet footprints wherever she went. "[Oh I can only imagine! Icky, icky! But, um, whenever you're feeling better, we'll just go to the store, kay?]"

"Yeah. [That sounds just fine.]" He gave a half-hearted smile, only because his stomach was churning at the thought of what he put into his body. "[It'll be on me and everything.]" With what little money he had, that was. He was seriously going to have to follow Matsumoto's and Captain Hitsugaya's examples, and get himself a job. Beyond the need for extra money, it was kind of another step for him, in his growing doubt of Soul Society. There was just something not right there, at all. He was more convinced of it, after speaking with the other shinigami. Eh. "[Maybe either later today, or tomorrow? I've got some calls to make, anyway, and it'd probably be best to get them out of the way before they bite me in the ass while I'm trying to do something else.]"

"[Ah! No! I'll pay!]" Maya insisted, "[After all, it's my fault that you're sick and all wet. Cookies are on me!] And with that, they followed Eva outside to where the rest of the students were, in various states of dress and undress, looking rather disgruntled from the fire alarm making them exit the building.

"[Sorry about all that, by the way]," she said softly.

"[No, it's Dante's fault I'm sick.]" It was true. As if the war there wasn't sick enough, now he had to add that to it. The bastard. And regardless of his mother appearing to be very nice (if not... a bit on the weird side, to be honest), the whole situation made Hisagi Shuhei extremely disgruntled.

But he found himself shaking his head to her apology. "[Don't apologize. Really. Where I come from? That's really nothing at all.]" Which was true enough. After all, there was the 11th Division (currently being ruled with an iron fist belonging to Kusajishi Yachiru, which was about the worst thing that could have ever happened; Zaraki Kenpachi was nothing compared to her, in the insanity department, when she was left unleashed). He tried to offer her another sick-embittered smile. "Seriously," he said in English. "Don't worry about it."

"[Aw, but I'm still sorry for making you come over and stuff! I'll make it up to you. Next time we cook, we'll do it elsewhere! Without any suspicious pots of boiling... skulls...]" Maya tried her best not to sound disturbed or totally grossed out, and smiled through it. Her happiness sometimes bordered on creepy, it seemed.

"Anywaaaay~!" She lapsed back into English, and gave Hisagi a quick one-armed hug, "You'd best going lay down~! Call me when you feeling better, yes??"

Hisagi smirked at the half-hug, before gazing out to the flashing lights of response units. He had to figure it was obligatory for them to arrive, even if a situation died down, but all the better, really. Who knows what sort of dangerous things were transpiring in other areas of the skyrise. The people in there were evil, or... Zaraki Kenpachi, who classified all to his own.

Returning his glance to her, he nodded. "Sure thing." He took a couple of steps out, and glanced over his shoulder at her. "[And try not to drown anyone in the meantime, yeah?]"

Maya giggled at Hisagi's last remark and gave him a combination wink and peace sign, "[No worries over here! I'll supply water wings!]" She waved to him and then got distracted by another student, asking what exactly had happened. And, in her worst Engrish ever, attempted to explain. She'd since lost sight of both Eva and Hisagi.
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