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chilling alu

hermes_wings in desaiuniversity

Who: Alucard, Fai, and Kira
What: Alucard finds Fai with Kira
When: Backdated to Feburary
Where: Kira's room
Warnings: Mild mentioning of homosexual relationship, vampirism, violence and swearing.

Locked doors had never posed a problem for him. Alucard gave it a snort and pressed his hand on the wood next to the doorknob, checking – as was his habit of late – for signs of a barrier around the wood. There was nothing but wood – no strange energy pulsated there, no feeling of bindings – so he stepped through the barrier without blinking. He could have ripped the door out of the wall, but there were too many stray dogs roaming the halls anymore.

Too many noses poking when they shouldn’t be poking. Amusing in a way, but he made damn sure his coffin was in a place that they could not reach and left a mockup in his room. Old tricks were always the best tricks.

The room beyond was dimly light but that never would stop him. The scent of blood was stronger than he remembered it and the No-life King paused frowning as he took a deep breath. It was fresh? Snarling, he moved over to the bed and reached down to grab Kira when he saw two people lying there.

Long fingers, cold and ending with razor sharp nails, wrapped around both their necks even as Alucard, said, "Just a college student without food, Kira?"

Fai had been near-dreaming when something icy and sharp around his neck woke him with a start. Gasping, he blinked a bleary eye up at the offender, skin prickling with the pure brute energy of their power. Finally the panic set in-- the realization that he and Kira were both trapped under those hands joining along with it. And then he calmed, strangely, at the thought of death being so close.

"... And who might you be?"

Kira's eyes snapped open and he grabbed at Alucard's wrist with one hand, his other arm still around Fai. "...I just fed him... he was starving!" The shinigami gasped. "Vent your anger on me if you want, but let him go. This was entirely my decision!"

Alucard’s answer was a snarl that showed all his teeth were now curved into long sharp fangs. He had warned Kira he was a jealous man, but he never thought that this would happen. That his donor would feed random starving vampires that were so inept that they’ll let themselves starve instead of finding a cheap food source.

"Goddamn punk, who do you think I am?" he said, leaning close, red eyes narrowing. "Idiot. What kind of vampire are you? Suicidal? Kira's mine."

"I'm sorry; I wasn't aware that he belonged to anyone." He didn't intend to sound bitter, but bitter Fai managed to be. Not about the hand around his neck or about being insulted... merely upset, for Kira's sake. "Nor am I aware of who you are, as you've not introduced yourself to me before."

"He's my friend, Alucard. I was doing a friend a favour! Because I wanted to!" Kira attempted to pry the vampire's hand from his throat. "I'm not your THING, I'm not your OBJECT."

"'Belonged'? You could not tell? Who was your sire to leave you so uninformed?"

Kira could have been trying to move stone for the reaction he received from Alucard. The younger vampire was his focus, mainly because of questions he had stirred up.

"I'm his lover."

His one eye widening at this new piece of information, Fai tried as best he could to shake his head at the one above him.

"I... I did not know."

"ALUCARD!" Kira shouted, continuing to vainly attempt to gain freedom. "Listen to me! He had no idea about you. This isn't his fault. If it’s anyone's, it's mine! So let him go and deal with me!"

The manic snarl faded and his teeth returned to a normal state as he stared at Fai. The red of his eyes shifted and stirred, before he snorted. Then he yanked Fai off the bed and shoved him towards the door.

"Get out before I rip your throat out."

Fai stumbled around on his feet before regaining his balance at the last second; he showed his hands defenselessly to the other, much, much stronger vampire. "I want you to know that nothing happened between us. Please don't be hard on Kira." He gave the other blond a questioning glance to see if he would be truly okay with his absence. Fai had started to shake, against his will.

Kira turned his head away, not looking at Fai. "Go. While you have the chance." He said; if he looked at the blond, he'd start feeling something he shouldn't be feeling. He knew his punishment was nigh, and that Alucard would tear him to shreds the moment he got the opportunity. He was tired, very tired, and very weak from the blood loss. It would be over in a matter of moments.

"Go, Fai. I'm sorry I got you mixed up in this mess."

His lips curled back in a silent snarl at the way Kira was avoiding looking at the younger vampire. So. Something had grown between the two men while his attention was elsewhere. He mentally cursed his own limits and bonds even as he reached into the shadows of his coat with his free hand and took out his Casul. Without looking – without needing to look – he aimed it right at Fai's head.

"Leave. Now."

His pulse quickening to an unimaginably fast pace, Fai stared at the weapon with only a vague recognition of what it was. His face paled. He knew leaving the shinigami would mean trouble, even death, for him-- yet he did not doubt that Alucard would pull the trigger on him if he refused. And though Fai welcomed death, he knew that if Kurogane found out he would do anything to gain vengeance... and, he too, would be murdered.

"I... I will go." He shot a last look at Kira, shoulders slumping in resignation.

"Goodbye." Kira said, his eyes closing, accepting what would be done to him next. Death or pain... it was fine. He deserved it. He deserved to suffer. He should have never left Soul Society, never tried to become more than what he was; something groomed to serve and say nothing.

The initial rush of anger was burnt away and all that he could really feel was a sense of stupidity at himself and the need to just figure out why this happened this way. Alucard knew he could harm the shinigami significantly; he was far fare stronger than anyone had given him credit for being. But the desire really wasn’t there anymore. But it didn’t mean he was going to lower his weapon. He kept the gun trained on the younger vampire, waiting for him to leave.

"I'm sorry, Kira." Fai's expression meant it as he turned away from the gun, keeping his gaze to the ground, or on anything that wasn't either Alucard or the shinigami. He went through the door, closed it silently behind him. He'd taken only two steps when his sadness overcame him and he fell sideways into a wall, struggling not to cry.

"This is what people get for involving themselves with me..." he muttered, putting a hand to his face.

Kira looked up at Alucard. "Do your worst if that's what you think I deserve." He said. "I helped a friend. Nothing more, nothing less. But if you believe that deserves punishment, then so be it." He turned his head, arching his neck slightly. "Drain what is left. Go ahead."

"Do you really think that would do anything?" Alucard sneered and released Kira, turning his head to look at the far wall and his nostrils flaring. "You let a hungry, young vampire feed off of you and you wish to make amends by having me drain what's left? I do not take sloppy leftovers even if I was hungry. Besides, the reason why this thing between us grew started from me making sure your body didn't fall over from my over-eagerness. I am not about to repeat that."

He got up and moved over to the wall, muttering in Romanian under his breath. The walls held no resistance to him sticking his head through it and look down at the miserable youth crying there. "Stop that noise, brat."

An anger he'd never known before rose in his gut; Fai had to stifle the sudden urge to hiss at the head poking through the wall. In its place, he wiped the few tears he'd allowed to drift from his eye to speak to Alucard in an abnormally even tone. "What are you going to do to him?"

He didn't want Kira hurt. He didn't want him to die. But no matter what, it seemed, somebody was going to suffer on his behalf.

Kira rose slowly. "Leave him alone, Alucard! He didn't do anything wrong. The fault is mine!" He took a step, hesitantly, strength already failing. He went out and crouched by Fai's side, putting his arms around the boy in a reassuring hug. "It'll be all right. I promise. None of this is your doing, none. This is a path I chose, on my own."

The shinigami drew back after a moment; he looked pale and unwell. "Please, go now and let me deal with the consequences."

A snarl was the only answer he was willing to give to the child. Alucard straightened and tucked his gun back into his jacket, and stepped completely through the wall. His face smoothed out, the sneer and any other hint of what was going on inside of him forced away even though the anger still hung around him. The shadows shifted and his clothing went red, last of all a pair of tinted glasses plopping themselves over his eyes. A flick of his fingers – white cloth weaving over his equally white skin and sharp nails – and he turned on his heels, heading away.

He needed to think, needed to get away before he reduced them into streaks of gore. The urge was there, but so were a million more urges. Second guessing himself was not normal.

Fai let himself be held, unaware of how to react to both Alucard's snarl or Kira's affection, or anything at all in that moment. He'd stopped any crying now, not being the type who showed such strong emotion for lengthy periods of time unless it was the falsified happiness on which he usually thrived. He took up Kira's hands in both of his, showing one of those very false smiles to the shinigami.

"It was not my intention to let you be hurt," Fai stroked his fingertips across the backs of his hands. "No matter whose fault it is... and I'll go only if I'm guaranteed your safety."

"Come on. It looks like he's storming off again." Kira watched the other depart and then stood, putting one hand to his head. "I don't feel so well..." This argument had taken the last of his energy and he was wilting, fast.

"Fai... will you help me? I think I should lie down..." He said, in a whisper. "I wish I could go after him... but I can't. I don't have the strength."

Fai obliged, putting an arm around the shinigami to help him back over to the bed. He could sense the energy fading from him, fast, though thankfully it was not enough to kill him. He really shouldn't have been so reckless.

"I apologize," He sat down on the bed with Kira. Now Fai couldn't even find it in him to smile. "... about everything."

"Don't worry about it. I'm sure he'll come around. Eventually." Kira waved a hand and eased back on the bed. "Will you stay with me? I don't think he'll be back, if you'd be concerned about that."

"If you're sure." Fai obeyed Kira like servant would its master, lying down beside him with a cheek against his chest, one hand fisted loosely around the material of his yukata. "I can stay with you as long as you wish." He shut his eye, overcome once more with the urge to just... sleep. Nice and dreamless, without all the nightmares.

Kira put an arm around Fai, stroking the blond hair once or twice. He was himself exhausted and almost as soon as his head was settled upon the pillow, he was asleep.
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