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pluckily in desaiuniversity

Who: Rikku and Matt
What: Rikku shows off her new little workshop
When: 2:00pm, the day after this.
Where: I think this one is going to go all over the place.
Warnings: Nada

Thankful for classes to be over for the day (even though she only had one class to attend), Rikku was perched on the steps that led up to the dorm building. Standing on only one foot, she was attempting to see how long she could remain balanced while hopping down and then back up the twelve stairs. She knew there was twelve steps as she had counted each one aloud on her first unsuccessful attempt at hopping up them on one foot. After falling five or ten times, her knees had lost the annoying pain that had been throbbing through them, and her scratched up elbows really didn't bother her at all. Ignoring the strange glances from passing students (hey, there wasn't anything wrong with some physical activity! She looked ten times better than any of them) she continued keeping herself entertained.

She was supposed to meet someone she had spoken to over her journal, Matt somethingoranother. He seemed nice enough, and he actually was interested in helping her build things. Not used to people outside of the Al Bhed race showing an interest in hoverbikes and machina stuff, Rikku was thrilled to have someone she could drool over impressive machina with. She had no idea what the guy looked like, unfortunately, so she could only hope that he'd spot her bright yellow bikini top and pale blonde braids from whichever direction he was coming.

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Matt could swear that if that Rikku chick got any more awesome, it would actually begin to threaten his own previously unrivaled awesome. But that was inconceivable in itself and he shook the very thought out of his head. Though he had to admit, he felt a twinge of envy for her access to hoverbikes. Hoverbikes. He would have traded his left kidney and lung for a hoverbike and this mysterious challenger could make them. As a hobby, no less.

As much as the red head despised natural light with a passion, he would brave it for this (and a few other things, but that was a whole other story). It felt a little odd for him to be hunting some strange girl in a skimpy outfit, but that was neither here nor there. Matt stamped out his cigarette and set out to find her. Which wasn't a difficult task, considering. She stood out more than he did, and he was already considered eccentric. Another +2 points for her.

He opened his mouth to greet the blonde, but froze up, not really certain what to say. Oh crap, he thought to himself, offline social interaction didn't really come to him so easily. Shit. "Hey," he blurted with a quick wave. Simple. To the point. Score one for Matt (possibly). "Rikku, yes?"
"Yup, that's me!" She called back to him, waving an arm about as she bounded down the stairs using both of her legs instead of just one. Standing before him, she reached up and tweaked a strand of his red hair. "Matty, I'm assuming? Or um...Matt." She forgot that not everyone liked a nickname as soon as she met them.

Hopping back a bit, she clasped her hands behind her back and cocked her head off to one side. "You're not late, that's a good sign. I can't have you working with me if you're gonna be late all the time!" She may have been a spaz, but Rikku always showed up to places on time. Unless she was busy sleeping in or being lazy, of course.
Of all things, Matt found himself springing back a bit when she got too close to his head. This would have actually been the point where he would karate-chop someone. If you asked why, he wouldn't be able to tell you. He coughed and pretended it was all completely normal (for him) by turning his karate stance into a salute. "The one and only. And Matty works, if that's what you prefer." Names were never that important. He gave everyone nicknames too. 'Rikku' was most likely going to turn into 'Duckie' or something at one point or another.

"I'm never late," Matt grinned, "So how about that project of yours? You got a shell yet?" And yet, the whole time, he was trying to wrap his mind around how she could possibly be a fellow techie. She just screamed random girl who defined souping up a car as... pasting glitter hearts to it. Or something akin to that.
Rikku noticed the fact that he had jumped in suprise at her closeness, but was impressed by the fact that he had covered up said fact with a salute. Giggling, she gave him one in return, before moving her legs to lightly march in place. "Good thing you're never late, Matty." She grinned, using the nickname as it easily rolled right off the tounge.

Instead of answering his question about her project, she turned to walk off, and motioned for him to follow. He'd see how far she had gotten on her current project once they stepped foot inside the shop. "I finished a hover last night." She shrugged casually. "If I had a team here with me like I do back home, I would've made it a lot better. But it runs good, anyways. Should survive a few accidents." She snickered, folding up her arms to rest up behind her head. "Which is a very good thing, since I kinda have a problem in the wreckage department. As fun as it is to build things, it's even more fun to get in accidents and then have to rebuild them again!" Yes, she was a bit nutty in that aspect, she knew it.

Humming, she hopped around to face him, walking backwards without tripping very many times. "My shop's still kind of small, since it was so expensive. But once I build enough hovers and motorcycles for people, I'll have enough money to get a bigger place. And if you help me out, we can split everything right down the middle." She wasn't a selfish girl, after all! "Whaddya think about that, hmmm?" She offered him a bright smile then, as she knew that anyone would like the sound of getting money.
The fact that she decidedly didn't answer his question only meant one thing: She didn't have the shell. Which was fine. It had only been a day, after all. So, he simply followed her as per the instructions, though with comparably less energy and enthusiasm than his companion. He was surprised at the fact that Rikku had her own team of junkies, but soon forgot his shock and related questions at the mention of the Hover. That sweet, sweet hover.

"Dude, forget crashing shit and the size of your shop. We? Need to race. Like, ASAP. I'll even draw out the route, and it'll be hardcore." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a cigarette from the box hidden away in there. He contented himself with just keeping it in his mouth for no reason other than to look cool and to have something in his mouth. He doubted the girl smoked and could at least respect a non-smoker's fresh air and not light up. "Winner gets the title of Leet Racing King-slash-Queen."

But Matt didn't care for the promise of money that followed. He had ways of getting it and had more than enough to sufficiently line his pockets. And while an honest job had its appeal, mostly that of not running the risk of getting caught and Kira'd (yes, that was a noun now), he kind of preferred being the self professed Robin Hood of the cyber age. He gave the idea a shrug "I'll help. Cash is a plus, I suppose. But it sounds like you have more of a use for it than I do. I can live without."