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trust in me; don't judge or question

virgintitres in desaiuniversity

Who: Dante and Maya (GASP)
What: Maya ims Dante. Tempts him with booze. Dante wanders over and proves -shock, surprise- he can be a real sweetheart when he wants to. This actually is kind of cute, and for Dante being involved with the cuteness kind of hurts my brain a little. D:
When: Pre-gala? At night. :o
Where: Maya's (Well, and Kanda's) room!
Warnings: Get this: Nothing but Dante mouth. No, I'm serious. No blood. No violence. Just his mouth. I know, I'm shocked, too.

It was amazing. Maya Amano had actually cleaned her room.... though, 'cleaning' was a very subjective term for her. What was done was, essentially, everything being shoved to one side of the room, since Kanda didn't reside there anyway. There was now a clear path to Maya's computer desk where she sat, sipping at a rather pink drink and bobbing her head to some god-awful synthpop beat. Since it was late at night, she wore her PJs: a pale blue t-shirt with a cat graphic on it and black shorts. Her feet were propped up on the desk, also bobbing in time to the beat. And... she's really tipsy. Tipsy enough that she doesn't notice the door being opened.

It wasn't exactly what Dante had planned to do with himself, that was for sure. He'd still been in a stage of mourning for his booze stash, that Vergil had so callously thrown out like the psycho he was, and instead of going and rebuilding it, like he could have, he preferred to sit around and whine about it. It was in the hopes his brother, or some other soul, more kind in that respect, would take pity on him and do it for him.

So it wasn't exactly what he'd planned, but free booze was free booze, no matter where it came from. And when it came from across the suite, where he didn't have to walk very far (He hadn't felt like putting on things like, oh, a shirt. Or shoes.), that made it even better, which mean he had no problem making his way over to Maya's room and inviting himself right on in. Dante wasn't good with things like 'knocking', after all.

"Yo." He wasn't the best conversationalist, either, but that wasn't the point. But he paused a moment, making a face at whatever the hell noise it was that passed for music that Maya was listening to, before scooting the rest of the way into the room with his hands over his ears and toeing the door shut behind him. "Well. Taste in booze don't count for taste in everything, huh?"

Maya was blissfully unaware of, well, pretty much anything right now. She moved her feet in time to the music, alternating humming with the tune and sipping at her drink. And then, to contrast the garbled female vocals of the music, a deeper, manlier voice spoke up.

Oh right! Dante! She'd invited him over. Hurr. Maya slid her feet off of the desk and twirled around in her fancy swivel chair, giving Dante a happy (yet completely plastered) smile. While doing this, she also turned the music down. So she could hear Dante talk, not because she wanted to save his poor, snythpop-hating ears.

"Hi hi, Dante~~~" Maya replied in a singsong voice, smiling at him vacantly for a few moments. Yup. She's gone.

"OH! Drink stuffs are over thereing~" she gestured to the dresser, where another glass and all necessary ingredients (sans the orange slices) were.

It didn't matter what her reasons for turning the music down were, his ears still thanked her profusely. But for a moment, he simply stood there, shaking his head with an ever-growing sardonic grin, fully showing off his elongated canines. She was trashed, and he couldn't decide if that mader her tolerable, or if it made things worse, if he were to be totally honest there.

Luckily for her, she wasn't asking.

"You know." It was said as he made his way over to where she'd directed, because he was really there for the booze, noting all the crap shoved to Kanda's side of the room. He almost felt bad for Kanda, but it was the homo's own fault for sleeping out in the main room like a dumbass when he had a perfectly good room to do so in. One didn't see Dante doing the same, after all, and he had the worst roommate in existance. No one wanted to be shoved together like that with their brother. "I knew a girl...Well, it was a while back." More like in the early seventies, but there was no reason to go blabbing that. "She was Japanese. And her english got better when she was drinking. 'Course. You couldn't understand a damn word she was saying sober."

Funnily enough, people said the same thing about Dante, but it wasn't about him. "Anyway. You ever find a date to the gala?"

After another sip of the drink, she set it down and leaned back into the swivel chair. The music switched from synthpop to some happy Japanese vocals, which Maya seemed to know well, as she mouthed the words along with the song.

"Really?" She asked, unable to make the 'L' sound, so they sounded more like 'R's, "But my English is perfect finely," she nodded, watching as Dante meandered on over to the drink mixing area. Really, it was just a cleared out spot on her dresser. Objects around the vodka and juice bottles consisted of: makeup she had no idea how to use, a picture of her and some crazy-looking woman with pink hair, and... tarot cards. Lots of them, actually. And if Dante cared to look at the boxes stacked up next to the dresser, they'd be full of tarot cards as well.

"Date for gala, though...?" Maya frowned at this. Obviously the answer, whatever it was, wasn't good. "No..."

A few seconds of frowning passed, then she gave him that happy-drunk smile. "But I go anyway! To enjoy party~"

Yeah, okay. Sure! Of course her english was fine. She was just lucky Dante wasn't the type to mock that kind of thing, considering his Japanese was still complete crap, and he doubted it would ever get better. He just wasn't learning it the way he did other languages.

"Yeah, I didn't think Lady and me were still going, but, eh." He shrugged, pointedly making sure not to touch the tarot cards there. It was bad news, futzing around with someone else's like that, as he had learned in the past. Of course, it all depended on the person, but since he was predisposed to bad luck by sheer genetics...There were some things he didn't screw around with. Ouiji boards were another. "Not like it's a real date or anything, anyway. I have the feeling her..." He trailed off, figuring his theory about Lady having man-part eating goods wasn't exactly something a person just talked about like everyday conversation.

"Anyway." He hesitated a moment, before starting on his own drink-making. And he was being light with the vodka. He really was. Well. From what he usually was, anyway. "Let's just say I don't think she and I have compatable parts, you dig?"

Maya would totally teach Dante Japanese, if given the chance. She'd have her own little class with Ling, too. Wouldn't that be... interesting, for lack of a better word.

Also, on the dresser, were some other peculiar items. Aromatherapy stuff, bullet casings, strange Japanese sodas, odd-looking gems, an orb that looked like it was filled with blood of all things, plus a stack of manuscripts and a ragged old bunny plushie. Seriously, what in the world was Maya Amano into?

"Incompatibility parts?" Maya asked with a bit of a slurr, tilting her head to the side. She was completely unaware of Dante looking at the items on her dresser. Any other time, she'd be protective of them... particularly the bunny plushie, as raggy and old as it was.

"Dig what?? I can't digging in the floor..."

And that was the bitch of the language barrier, really, and it showed as his shoulders sagged slightly, before he shook his head. Those little gems of language were hard to explain, when someone didn't get it. He'd had plenty of doing that with Ichigo, and his english was more than decent.

"Nah, what I mean is..." He trailed off, turning around to lean against the dresser, waving a hand back and forth. "Well. What I mean is what she and I have there is a failure to communicate. As in, I'm being perfectly reasonable and likable, and she acts like she's gonna bite my face off." He paused, growing thoughtful a moment. "She needs to get laid."

But that was enough about her, because Lady was a snoozefest in her own way, just like...Well. The majority of the campus. "Anyway, it's like I said. I'm only going 'cause Mum is," -and he completely ignored the fact that 'mum' had the taint of a British accent all over it- "so it can't be that bad. Or something. I dunno, don't care. Besides. I wanna see Vergil's zombie fall apart on him while they're there. That? Is a true sign of loserdom. When you can't even get a date that's alive." And with that, he gave a nod, pushing his hair out of his eyes.

Maya thoughtfully looked up at Dante while she sipped more of that fruity deliciousness in the glass, and shrugged. "She seeming to be perfectly a-okay when I talk with her~"

And then the comment about 'getting laid' was one that Maya did get, amazingly. And it made her blush. Just a little. Or perhaps it was just the alcohol giving her that rosy tint on her cheeks. Enough about that, though. "...You think so??" She grinned and then started giggling, raising one hand to cover her mouth while she did so.

The gigglefit, however, stopped at the mention of zombies. She gave Dante a look equivalent of this: :(. "Zombies??? I... I don't like zombies... they're scary..." How exactly does she know this? She's fought actual zombies before. Zombies that can shoot guns, as a matter of fact.

"Eh, they're not exactly my favorite of the paranormal bunch." Why would they be? Zombies tended to...Well, for a lack of delicate terminology, smell. And as it should be, as they were dead, and rotting, and that was kind of gross. It was more than gross. "What I really hate is when one of the fuckers gets a grip on you and bites? Marks stay for days. In fact..." He paused there, paying his own drink a little attention.

"I think even on somebody like me, they can get infected. I didn't take a chance, obviously. Peroxide was my best friend that last time." It stung, but by God he hadn't wanted to have some festering zombie bitemark on his ass, where he'd gotten bitten. That had definitely been in his top ten suckiest moments ever.

"All in all, though, I'd rather deal with them than a pissed off ghost or something." Or that thing that had attacked Vergil in their room. Dante had forgotten about it, until then, but he made a mental note to check it out when his brother wasn't around. He pushed away from the dresser, and made his way back over to Maya, shaking his head. "At least you can see zombies."

She looked thoroughly disgusted as Dante described zombie bites and the subsequent infection. The Japanese girl wrinkled her nose at that and shook her head. "The ones we foughting were able to use guns and stuff," Maya said, shaking the glass a little so the ice fell down into the bottom, "I'd prefering to deal with regular demons..."

Demons where she was from had weaknesses other than elemental ones. Some of them, to put it bluntly, were just plain stupid. Maya had lost count of how many demons she'd managed to turn away from fighting her and her friends by using a mock interview with promises of publication and popularity.

Maya smirked a bit at that thought, "You can talk to demons, making contracts and such!" She giggled slightly, realizing that this is a subject she probably didn't want to touch on, around Dante. After all, his mom seemed to know a lot about them and the knowledge was probably passed on... but she couldn't make herself shut up. "Some of them give items, healings, tarot cards, rumors... you can't negotiating with zombie."

Maya was lucky in the sense that...While Dante's mother had a strong faith in the divine beyond what was in Hell, Dante did not. He didn't see 'negotiating' with demons as a bad thing, considering he usually killed them, anyway, unlike what she would do. He figured, being what he was, he didn't have much of a soul to barter with in the first place, so it didn't really matter. "You know, there's still places back home that if you did that kinda shit, they'd string you up for being a witch."

It was said before he took another swallow of his own drink, eyeing her rather...Blandly over the rim of the glass. It was true, but Dante tended to be rather blunt.

"Depends on the demon, anyway. Some are dumb, but those aren't the ones you gotta worry about. They're...Like..." He searched for an easy, all-encompassing term for it, as he'd had it explained to him, when he'd been young and stupid concerning everything demonic. "They're like grunt soldiers. Not worth a whole lot in the order of things. Those are the ones willing to make a deal, because if they died, they'd just be churned out again. Hell's kinda like a factory, in that respect. No, it's the higher ups that will piss you off."

Maya blinked. "Witch? Why? That... making no sense... at all! Is that why Okaas-- Miss Eva got upset about Persona-sama?" She mused in another half-slurr, tilting her head to the side. Yes, those drunken little gears in her head were turning.

"There something I not understanding, Dante," Maya said, twirling in that chair again to face him. And sip more of that delicious drink. Mmmmm yummy. She's going to need another one of those soon and then probably pass out after that.

"Demons in where we from different. I've never really understood... well... what is 'Hell' anyway? Demons in Sumaru don't coming from there. They summonings from Nya...Nyar...latha..." Uh-oh, she's struggling with a word! "Nyarlath... Crawling Chaos's realm. The shadows of humans..."

Wow. This all of a sudden got really heavy really fast. Time for more delicious booze. Maya shrugged a little and stood up, feeling a bit dizzy all of a sudden. She swayed from one side to the next, balanced on one foot and shifted a little before she got her bearings enough to walk over to where Dante and the drinks were.

"Where I'm from, it's Hell." Or the demon world, the demon realm, the land of the dead...There were so many names for it, Dante didn't begin to bother learning them all. "I dunno. Different worlds, different circumstances. I'm not too concerned beyond the ones I get paid to get rid of."

She was going to fall on her face, and while it would hysterically funny, he'd have felt bad about letting her. He could be a nice guy, really! He could. He just didn't show it all that often, or where people would remember. Much like then, which was why he sat his own drink aside to hold out a hand. "Besides, who wants to talk shop, anyway. Shit gets boring. C'mere before you fall flat on your face."

That, at least, was something non-family and non-demon related he could understand, because it was his personal belief that if you could lie on the floor and not have to hang on, you weren't really drunk. But Dante was a borderline alcoholic anyway, so his opinion didn't count, with anyone not him. "And if you do, I'll laugh. And probably get pictures to show everybody on the network."

"That doesn't sound like a good place..." Maya said, her balance (or lack thereof) causing her to sway back and fourth while she carefully crossed the gap between them. Yes. At this rate, she definitely would fall on her face and... would probably start laughing about it. Then she'd cry about how much she missed her normal drinking buddy, best friend and roommate, Ulala.

Good thing for Dante that Maya would probably have no recollection of this event at all. "N-No! You wouldn't....!! Meanie!" Her eyes widen when Dante threatened to take pictures and post them on the network, so she took an extra big step forward to grab onto his hand and make sure she didn't fall. She did, however, stumble forward and almost crashed into him.

"Wooooooo~ sankyuu~ kind of dizzying... standing up..." her eyes trailed from Dante to the bottle of vodka. Ooo shiny~

Dante just had to simply remind himself that not everyone was as big on booze as he was, easy as that. "Ayeah, I imagine it is. Tends to happen when you get totalled off your ass and don't realize it." Which was why he let her have that arm as support, and with his free hand pushed the bottle of vodka out of her reach.

"Think you've had enough, babe, and it wouldn't be kosher to let you drink 'til you pass out. I'd like to think I have scruples." Oh, the multitude of people he could hear laughing their asses off at that statement in the back of his head was almost deafening, but he chose to ignore it. He did, because he was being a decent guy, no matter how many people that would send into fits of hysterical laughter.

"Anyway, just remember. I have my phone, it has a camera, and I'm not afraid to use it." He let it rest there a moment, before tacking on, "Unless you want to make sure you're turned on your side where you can't roll on your back before I leave you here. I mean, we already saw what happens when there's puke in the suite with Vergil here, can you imagine what he'd do to your body?"

Maya made several unintelligible whiney noises when Dante pushed the vodka bottle just out of her reach. And then she started whining in Japanese, which was nothing more than a drunken 'onegaiiiii~' or 'please.'

But, yes. Maya is totally plastered. And not realizing it. At all. The sad thing about it is that when she mixed those drinks, she didn't put a whole lot of actual alcohol in it. Poor girl just has zero tolerance, specially for the spirits. She couldn't really put a finger on what possessed her to drink tonight, though. Probably boredom... and loneliness. She missed her friends in Sumaru. She missed the fights that Katsuya and Baofu would have while at the bar, and she missed the general feeling of camaraderie. There wasn't any of that here, though at least Dante had decided to be nice to her recently.

"Screwpools?" Maya's brow furrowed, and she looked back up to Dante, still clinging to his arm. What a weird word!

However, when Dante alluded to Maya drowning in her own vomit (which she didn't plan on doing) and then Vergil possibly doing terrible things to her body... Maya gasped and covered her mouth. "Vergil would...?? N-no!" She wibbled at him. "He never coming in here anyway, so I guess I safe in that regard yes??"

"Maya." Really. Who knew what Vergil would do to a dead body. Dante didn't know, he didn't want to know, and he damn sure didn't plan on finding out on accident because of Maya. And that was that. He rolled his eyes, putting his free hand to his forehead, before letting it drop once more.

"Vergil is a sad, sick little boy. And unless you've got this room warded against him -which I completely recommend, by the way- you'd be screwed if you died and he decided to...I dunno, make a zombie outta you or something." He'd heard things about Vergil and his zombies, which was the reason Dante had gotten called in one time, years ago, and he was pretty sure Vergil himself had been totalled when he'd decided to play raise the zombies.

"The only thing you got going for you is the fact that you don't share a room with him like I do." Because that was a bitch and a half. "Now, be a good girl and let's get you some water and put you to bed. Otherwise you'll hate life in the morning." Well, he didn't know that for sure, because not everyone woke up as death warmed over after a night of drinking like he did, but God forbid she whine about it if she did.

"Vergil is just... grumpy... s'all. Not a very positive thinkingly person~" She, however, winced at the possibility of becoming a zombie and squeezed his arm with one hand, and absently touched her earlobe with the other. It was a habitual gesture for her, when thinking or at an utter loss for what to do.

"But... but... I don't wanna becoming a zombie! Persona-sama wouldn't let that happen," she said with a nod. And... as she nodded, she couldn't help but let her grip on Dante's arm slip as she started to fall back. O noez!

Which, of course, made Dante remember why he didn't do the nice guy thing very often. He just hoped and prayed word would never, ever leak about it, or he'd be completely ruined and exposed for the giant softie he could be, and he'd have to...Kill things to reaffirm himself. Or something along those lines.

She was just lucky he had those fast reflexes inherited from his father. It wasn't even a conscious thing, really, to snap into action and move in an attempt to keep her from making an ass of herself (because he wasn't lying about those pictures), though he rolled his eyes inwardly at himself the minute he realized what he was doing. "You know," he said, rather conversationally, actually, "you breathe a word about this and I'll have to hurt you. Lots and lots."

And he would, too, dammit.

That little bit of falling fast made Maya's senses even more boggled. She caught hold of Dante once more, draping herself over one side of him. Her world swirled around her and she felt really... faint. Dante was just this tan and white blur.

The Japanese girl blinked a few times, though no matter how many times she did, she couldn't get that drunken daze out of her eyes.

"Danteeeee-kuuuun....~~~~ that's no way to talk to... a lady..." She blinked again and, this time, a drunken hiccup escaped her lips. Startled by the noise, she clapped both her hands over her mouth and started falling to one side.

Thankfully, though, the dresser stopped her fall. "I... think I've had enough for tonight... maybe... tastes so good though..."

"Yeah. No." She was a sad, sad sight, and Dante didn't want to even begin to imagine how many times he'd been in the same situation, and who had pulled his ass out of the drunken jam. "C'mon, forget the water. You just need sleep."

He gave her a tug, to move her in the direction of her bed. "Besides, babe, when I was growing up, a lady didn't let herself get like that in the company of a man." Not that he could remember, anyway, but that wasn't important. "If you think about it, you got the rest for later, right? Besides, you'll want it, when you wake up. Take a shot of it straight, it'll kill the hangover."

Because, obviously, Dante needed to pass on drunk logic to the more gullible. Or whatever it was Maya happened to be. It was like he was bringing people over to the darkside, with that kind of talk.

Oh yes indeed, Maya was a sad, sad sight. The normally super happy fun Maya had gone from... extremely super happy fun and drunk to new lows of completely trashed. This was made even clearer by Dante's tug on her arm, and how it pulled her, stumbling across to her bed. She bumped against the side of the bed with her hips and crawled up onto the mattress, nearly slipping as she did so. Aww. Poor drunk girl.

"Bah... hangover... I got Gala-Gala Drink... be fine..." she murmured as the pillow rushed up to meet her face. Maya stared at Dante from behind her hair and, despite how utterly plastered she was, she managed a smile.

"Sankyuu Dante-kuuuun~" Aww, honorifics. Not good for Dante, though. She'll probably start calling him 'Dante-kun' or, hell, even 'Nii-chan' if the two of them have more awesome drinking nights.

Her eyelids began to grow heavy and within seconds, she was out cold. She looked so peaceful, in that drunken unconsciousness. Too bad she was going to have one hell of a headache in the morning.

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