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pinktransience in desaiuniversity

Who: Anyone who wants to join! Students and teachers alike, since they're all in the same area!
What: That TOGA PARTY.
Where: Vertigo Skyrise Dorms
When: RIGHT NOW - Saturday night Probably 9 PM or so?
Warnings: God only knows.

And now, with repaired HTML flavor!

Sake, sake. To think, she'd been getting ready to gorge on one of the bottles all on her own, when she'd hopped onto the network chatroom, and started talking. It was all Reno's fault. Well, Reno's fault, and the fault of her falling asleep for over an hour at the computer, because when she hit her head as she fell to the floor, that idea of having a toga party was brilliant, in her fond opinion. So, she declared that the dormitory was now a stage for a large toga party, and got to pulling out the sake stash she had from under her bed.

After that, she tugged off the soft pink sheet from her bed to clumsily position it around her body as a makeshift toga, before she took to stomping just out of her room. Standing there, she placed two sake bottles at her feet, and started to push at the skirt that was under the sheet. After all, weren't they naked under togas? Matsumoto Rangiku could have sworn so, and thus: clothes were being removed. And all the while, she let out a, "Toga party!! Toga, toga!" And she was going to start knocking on doors if she didn't get the attention she felt that screaming that warranted!



His fault or not, Reno thought the Toga party plan was indeed brilliant, and he sure as hell wasn't going to miss it for anything. He stood in his room, getting completely tangled in the bed sheet he ripped off the bed and rearranging it till it stayed on properly. Like Rangiku, he was a firm believer in the naked-under-togas thing.

The whereabouts of Rangiku's dorm were unknown to Reno, but that didn't matter much. He followed her yelling down to the right room, where he shot his fists up in an answering shout of, "TOGAAAAAA!!"
He felt like an idiot.

Tugging at the white bedsheet tied around one shoulder, Roxas frowned at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. He wished he didn't give in so easily to... was it peer pressure? But really; it had been forever since he'd last even left his dorm for any reason except classes-- he just needed some kind of distraction. So with a sigh he removed his pants from under the makeshift toga, unwilling to part with his boxers unless he got very, VERY drunk that night.

And Roxas admitted to hoping he'd get quite inebriated, considering the half-hearted way he snuck down the hall following the constant shouts of 'Toga!'. And so, spotting a vaguely familiar redhead, Roxas went to stand behind him, muttering a deadpan, "... Toga." Why had he even bothered to come?
Somebody really needed to be a voice of reason during the party, and Elena fully intended to be that person.

(Never mind that she sort of encouraged it by having no idea what anybody had been talking about.)

Fixing one sleeve of her toga, Elena stared at herself in the mirror. "Well, at last the sheets sort of fit uniform." Her sheets were light blue, and if anybody spilled anything on her, she would make them pay her cleaning bills. She rubbed underneath her eyes and sighed. "Well, here goes."

It wasn't hard to guess where the party would be; you could probably hear Reno's yelling on the moon. She hurried down to the area as fast as possible (and wound up getting there right after Roxas). She tapped the spiky-haired blonde on the shoulder.

"He's only going to get noisier, just so you know."
When the little blonde boy let out his pitiful excuse for a toga cry, Reno smirked and commented amusedly, "Ya gotta do better than that, dude." After all, it was a TOGAAA PARTY. Not a toga party. He was going to make sure this kid got well and fully plastered till he was hoarse from properly screaming 'toga'.

And then he saw Elena. In a toga. Not in uniform. No uniform that he could see, at least. It wouldn't surprise him if she wore it underneath the sheet. "Didn't think ya'd come, Rookie." Well, that was a lie. He figured she'd come just to make sure no bodies ended up flying out the window, but still. "Not in a toga, anyway."
Roxas glowered up at the taller redhead, giving him a pathetic (though truthful) excuse of, "I've been sick." ... Not that it'd have made any difference at all if he hadn't been. He just didn't want to risk getting shot on the spot for making too much noise in the hallways.

At the tap on his shoulder Roxas turned to another stranger's face, giving her a rare smile in greeting. She seemed nice enough... and DIGNIFIED, which was a strange occurence in itself. It made the blond feel a little less self-conscious about the whole toga-wearing-thing, somehow. "It's actually possible to get noisier than that? ... Wow."
Elena smiled brightly right back at Roxas, even adding in a nod hello. "Hi! I'm Elena. And yeah, Reno gets noiser. Trust me, he's worse when he's had some booze." She sighed before adding in a louder voice, "I've got a bottle of aspirin just in case of headaches."

That over with, she looked at Reno and frowned. "Hey, it's a toga party. I'm just trying to fit in! And besides..." She smirked at her coworker. "Somebody's gotta make sure you don't wind up breaking everything you bump into!"