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Premise: Desai is a city full of opportunity, being considered the crossroads, the bridge, to accessing many different worlds. It's a city full of many extremes, from the vibrance of Center-City's massive public entertainment facilities, to Rituana's dark and gothic scenery, warning visitors of the dangers lurking in the shadows.

Most importantly: It is a city of opportunity. To reach out across the worlds, and offer their youth the opportunity to be schooled in a system of endless opportunity, the city of Desai has become home to a vast school system, from pre-school to graduate school. The champion of the universities in the massive city just happens to be the city-named Desai University.
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DU's School Board.

The organization that is in charge of inter-world travel, via the, you guessed it, Travel Agency that is located in Center-City, Desai.

A multi-NPC journal, hosting an array of members from the Multi-Dimensional Exploration Agency, or MDEA.
The city (more appropriately called region) of Desai is run, mostly in secret, by a group called MDEA. MDEA was originally created to deal with the accidental tears in reality, many decades ago, which caused the nexus portals. The Travel Agency was built, and teams were created, to learn how to stabilize the portals, and learn about the threats, or potential allies, in the worlds beyond.

Thirty-some years later, MDEA has branched out into being the most powerful force of rule in Desai. While Desai initially feels like any free nation would, once one begins to learn about where all the various branches therein lie, it's not hard to face the truth. The Board of Affairs, which resides as Desai's educational system's lead body, is a branch of MDEA. The Travel Agency is still under MDEA's hand. The borders beyond Desai, within the very same world that it exists in, are all shut off and heavily guarded by MDEA'S Border Control, not allowing anyone in or out. The harbors are controlled by MDEA, the governing bodies are guided by MDEA, and the very network that citizens use to communicate on computers is handled by MDEA.

Beyond the university, but still associated to it, it is possible for characters to be applied for with connections, either good or bad, in regards to MDEA. (Lurking and asking questions is highly recommended before attempting this route.)
Please direct all questions to duadministration@gmail.com or DU Mods on AIM.


This game opened for play on August 28th, 2006.
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